BMF (Big MAC fan)

Ever since Connie posted her MAC cosmetics ‘haul’ and favorite youtube makeup guru videos, I’ve been addicted to watching them. I’ve found my already favorite MAC person. I’m not really into makeup that much as I don’t have patience for learning how to apply eyeshadow into a nice smokey look and in reality, I don’t have ‘enough’ colors to make a look, look great. Sooooooooo I guess I just watch and get jealous of their abilities. So my new favorite is this girl named Cheri, she’s super funny and a bit bubbly with a hint of vainity, and I just like her personality more so than anyone else I’ve watched thus far. So which is why I’m posting videos of her, on my very own website. Hoorah!

So here’s one video where she’s explaining how to apply liquid foundation flawlessly (of course, by MAC), and again another funny one where she’s talking about her favorite brushes. Yay. So la de dah, this whole post is all about Cheri and her abilities to look flawless. Isn’t she lucky. Getting a plug from someone who just spent 45 minutes looking at a few of her (long) videos. Keepin’ me entertained!

Her channel on youtube is MakeupByCheri. Subscribe if you so desire. I usually just bookmark…

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This is why I can’t wait to go home

Yah! That’s me :)

So my gym membership expired on November 2, 2008. I haven’t been climbing once a week like I said I have. Looking back at that video and seeing how fit my back and shoulders were, make me miss it. But the climbing wall here is ridiculous and I honestly get annoyed at how small their facilities are. This city I live in now has 300,000 people living here. Back home there was a huge gym and only 120,000 people or so. They had a climbing gym off the high way, and it was torn down and now it’s a Greyhound Bus terminal. Sigh. I’ve been itching to get back at it. The wall here isn’t enough to keep an old man in shape. I should take photos next time I pop in and waste my $5.00.

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