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Alfie is pretty good at sounding cute when he begs, therefore seems to always usually get what he wants.

We never feed him table scraps, so luckily he doesn’t beg for those. Remember the pizzle/bully stick I bought him? It’s almost gone. Usually we rotate his treats, or take them away if we feel like he’s had enough time with it. Those bully sticks are expensive man! Between $4-$6 a pop. If we let him, he’d chew on that thing for a good hour. It’s a great distraction for him when I need to do chores. But sometimes he begs for those things himself.

Here he is, whimpering on the edge of the couch, knowing darn well where we place his bones. Notice his serious face in the first few photos, haha.Alfies-serious-face






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  1. I haven’t heard of that stick, I should look for them for my pups. Our baby loves have a special way to get the things they want as well. Animals are truly special beings that touch us and move us deeply, and know how to use that to their advantage. ;)
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  2. omg! he is just too precious!!! I have a yorkie and I had him well trained never begged for anything and then i stayed with my dad.. and he didnt listen to a word i said n gave him everything including table scraps and now i seem like the bad mommy when he begs for scraps cause i try not to give in :(.. but seriously.. that 4th pic is just too darn cute!!! LOL
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  3. I don’t think I could say no to him. I mean he is just darling. Now I have two beast that need to go somewhere! Haha. They don’t get actual treats. Only ice cubes. They are only so use to eating their food that anything else would upset it. So They have their meals and ice cubes. =) Which they love. Leia is the more aggressive one. Which is funny because when you give them the ice cubes chewy acts like he will bite your hand if you don’t give it to him fast enough, but Leia… omg She waits for you to get close to her mouth and she will very slowly open her mouth just enough to take the ice cube. She is very gentle when getting one but then, 2 seconds later hers is gone and he’s stealing Chewys! Haha It’s rather funny!!! =P
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  4. Alfie looks so cute & in fact all these pictures are amazing expressions. This is the first time I am hearing about suck stick. I will suggest it to my friend who has one such cute Dog at home.

  5. He’s so cute. Rawhide-type chews are the only things my dogs get aggressive about. If we want to give them, we have to put each dog in a separate room. But they absolutely love them!

  6. He’s so adorable, he looks especially cute in the second last picture. Haha, isn’t it funny that pets (and toddlers for that matter) always know where the treats are!

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