POM Friday . 13

I took Alfie to our local specialty pet food store as he was running low on food. Orijen is a brand my husband and I trust, it’s a high protein food, which we mix 50/50 with another high quality food but with less protein. This time The Guy left the 2nd bag of food decision up to me, and I thought we had this gold packaged food for Alfie in the past so I picked it up without sending a quick BBM message and photo to him. Alfie LOVES the stuff, the bag was $11.99, and you can tell the cheaper stuff was more on the unhealthy side compared to Orijen because he picks it all out of his bowl and eats that first. Hilarious little fella.

While he was there in the store, the man and I were chatting about the breed of Alfie (Pomeranian, obviously) and I mentioned he loved pizzel/bully sticks (I’ll let you google that one), so I bought him another one while we were there.

I try to socialize Alfie as much as possible. He may seem cute in photos that I post online but he has a protective side to him, especially when it’s just the two of us out in public. He loves to hear his own voice and dang he is a loud bugger.

Anyway! Enjoy the photos of him for this week — a trip to his own little grocery store, ha!Alfie-in-dog-food-store






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  1. I want to snuggle him! It’s cute that he is so protective of you, you’re his Mama! James tried taking Buffy to work with him yesterday and had to bring her home at lunch because she was jumping all over everyone and wouldn’t calm down lol Oh puppies :) Buffy loves bully sticks too!
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  2. Oh, I got a story for you!! I worked at a pet store for a few years when I was younger and I had a customer who brought her dog into the store and she was talking about how her dog loved the bully sticks and she grabbed one and put it in her mouth and started playing with her dog on the floor. Let’s just say I just about died!!! The End. Hahaha, And your pup is so darn cute!!! =D Looks so happy! =D
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  3. First of all, Alfie is just adorable! He would be one spoiled pup in this house. We had both a big dog and little, the little one was constantly barking and the big one was so much calmer. I am totally going to google the pizzle/bully stick! It has to be something we are missing out on. By the way, my hubby and I are always “debating” on which dog food to feed the furbabies!
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  4. Awww! I love Pom Friday! I think that he is just adorable! I love the picture of him going into your bag and wanting the food! That is just too cute!! The 3 food trays look like such a feast! Overall I love this post and can’t wait to read more from you! Thanks for sharing with us!

  5. Oh my goodness! Your dog is such a little cutie! I just love him! Do you take him around with you much? I love getting special treats for my puppy too! I wonder why companies even sell that dog food that contains all that unhealthy food!

    1. @Kristen: Yes! Alfie goes everywhere (that he can/is allowed to) with us. We even take him running with us (up to 6km/4 miles), and he does really well with it. He’s definitely part of the family :) You can come back to my site every Friday to see a post about him.
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  6. I have yet to try this brand. I always use a different brand for my baby’s treats. Hhmm but since you gave such a positive review, I’ll give this one a try and hopefully, he’ll like it.

  7. Ahhhhhh I think I’m probably the biggest fan of your pom Fridays ;-) like I mentioned last week I use to have a pom so your post make me think of my Flufficans!! I miss my pooch!

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