I have a secret to tell you

GetOutAndGoI’ve been keeping a not so secret secret from you. I usually like to tell you guys in order to keep myself accountable. But this time, I’ve let my husband in on it, and we’re in it together. How cheesy does that freakin’ sound?

It might not be majorly exciting to you, but we’ve been running 3-4 miles (5-6km) together up to 3 times a week, and I have been looking forward to the weekends when we can run together. Other days I head out solo — which I find good, you need that every once in a while. But boy the time does not go by fast when I’m running with no music, and no one to chat to. Times like these, I remember my running buddy in Canada, Tanya, or Coach Steve who coached me for a few months a few winters ago. I always like to think of what we’d talk about together, or what they’d say to me when I was having trouble keeping up.

Alfie-runningMy husband has been amping up his mileage and speed, as he is training for the Boston Marathon this April. Where as I have absolutely no interest in running more than an hour. Alfie has been going with us once a week (we don’t like to take him any more than that), here we are about to go for our Valentines Day run and he’s rearin’ to go.

Me and Staples are in on this campaign together called #GetOutAndGo, because as you may or may not know February is American Heart Month. We want to encourage you to get your heart rate up at least for 30 minutes each day! I’m a bit slack on the every day part though. I was given a Garmin and a few other running accessories that I’ve been playing with the past few weeks and although I’ve had a long history of love/hate with regards to running, I can finally know my pace when I run outside.

I do have to tell you that I’m not as fast as I thought I was, especially since I hadn’t been regularly running in 2014. For the first half of our run, I can comfortably maintain anywhere between 8:40-9:40/min mile. Ideally I would love to keep that pace up for the entire run, but then I get winded, and need walking breaks. Hence the average minute mile pace being close to 11:00/min miles.  I’m all self-competitive like that. I also like to play games with my brain, and sprint as fast as I can to stop lights, it’s exciting to see how speedy my legs can be.

308kmI love a clunky watch on my pinner wrists, so I didn’t mind sporting it, however I did watch it like a hawk on my runs. I can see how people become addicted to their pace, wearing one of these. My runs used to be “stop whenever you want“, and “slow it down to speed walking pace.“ Now I’m all “I AM THIS SLOW? Let’s speed’erup man!” Again, self-competitive talk it’s all in my head. I complain a lot on my runs to try and get some empathy from the husband. Which, if you know him — clearly doesn’t work. HAHAHA.

Luckily for us, the weather is perfect this time of year in California to run in the early evenings here. January and now into February, I’ve been tracking the progress and writing down each of my runs in my agenda, to keep me motivated to keep at it. Views like this doesn’t hurt either.

Running-routeOh running. Nobody said it would be easy. But it’s well worth it. Most times I hate it, but that feeling after the run? Euphoric. As I blog about climbing, yoga, running, and The Guy’s Ironman triathlon training, I’m trying to promote a healthy lifestyle and to stay on course. I’m not sure I’ll be blogging about my running adventures all the time, since I’m no pro. But if you want to read some of my favourite Canadian running bloggers who keep me motivated to run on my own when The Guy is at work, check out Krysten, Christina and Jessica.

Hike-with-alfieSo you won’t be seeing me in any races anytime soon. But I’ll continue to join my husband on his shorter training runs or going on hikes with our little Pom! Stay active my friends, and #GetOutAndGo.

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  1. It is so great that you and your hubby are finding a way to bond and have fun together that includes fitness. I find that it always helps to have a workout buddy to keep you on track. It’s funny how you mention how wearing a watch can be distracting….I have seen so many runners on the paths paying more attention to their wrist than where they are going. Since it is so cold in Chicago, I run on my treadmill in the basement and always cover the console with a towel so I can just listen to my music and space out.
    Amanda recently posted..History Class at the Chicago History MuseumMy Profile

      1. @Nancy:

        I had to chuckle, because I just said to myself.. eh give me a treadmill any day! For the exact same reasons! haha. However the view is amazing, but treadmills are where it is, unless I can take a ipad with me or something and strap it to someone’s back so i could watch tv and run. That would be a cool thing to do. lol
        Natalie recently posted..Currently I am losing my mind, but..My Profile

  2. I would love to go jogging. I just can’t imagine how much a double jogging stroller would run. I want to get s Fitbit though, to keep myself accountable when I go on walks with the kids. I also want to see how I sleep.
    Nikki recently posted..Happy Valentine’s Day!My Profile

  3. Awesome!!! I’ve run a couple of marathons, and trained for one last year to bail on the training. My body (and mind) needed a break. I’m coming back from injury and just now getting back to running again. I plan to stick with Half Marathons, 10Ks and 5Ks this year. I would suggest signing up for a 5K for fun. I think you’ll be hooked once you do. But if not – just keep running and have fun!
    Amy @ Will Run For Ice Cream recently posted..30 Days Of FREE My Yoga on Gaiam TV From StayfreeMy Profile

  4. I’m much the same, self-competitive. Not competitive in other way, but I appreciate challenging myself to see how I can improve on what I’m trying to do. We hike or snowshoe almost every weekend, and like you mentioned, the euphoric feeling after the fact is motivational. There is the challenge of carrying a heavy pack and at times finding where are, which can be fun. We’ve used a Garmin product, their GPS, on our hikes on a regular basis, especially this time of year with so much snow on the trails we like to hit. It has truly been a guide when the trail is obscured. Congrats on doing the running, and also enjoying it with your hubby, too. Those are great memories!
    Debbie Harrell recently posted..Is Love Even Real?My Profile

  5. I love that you and the hubby are running together! That is so awesome! And can I just tell you that I am soooooo jealous of your T-shirt right now! Enjoy that sunshine girl! It’s -40C here…ugh!!! Xox
    Krysten recently posted..So What’s Next?My Profile

  6. I love running! I started half-marathon training in 2013, but I ended up not running the half-marathon due to reasons that were beyond my control. But I kept up with the training! I’m just started to get back into regular runs, and I remember why I loved running to begin with. I see and feel such a difference in how powerful my body feels after a good 4 miles. I’ve been looking into getting a Garmin, but my boyfriend got me a Fitbit for Christmas, so I’m content for now. :)
    Laura recently posted..FOODIE FRIDAY: Wait…it’s Monday.My Profile

  7. Running definitely is one of those things that’s satisfying only after it’s done. My husband thinks I’m lying when I say I absolutely hate running just because of how much I do it. But the truth is– it sucks. It flat out SUCKS. It’s so boring, it’s the most tedious, repetitive thing ever. However, once it’s done, your body just feels so good.

    Connie | Sponsored by Coffee | Bloglovin’
    Connie recently posted..My Weekly Goals #1My Profile

    1. @Connie: How many days a week do you run? And do you run a ton of miles or what? I hate the stages I go through while running. First I feel awesome and speedy, then I’m winded. Then I complain to The Guy that I’m winded and OMG why is my heart beating so fast? Is my face red? Why doesn’t anyone elses face get as red as mine? I’m too hot. I need water. OMG I am SO fast! LOLOL
      Nancy recently posted..I have a secret to tell youMy Profile

  8. I think it is absolutely fabulous that you and your hubby run together! :) Your little fur baby is pretty cute, too :) I wish I loved to run – it is one of my goals someday to be able to run without feeling like I’m going to collapse and die. You are an inspiration! Hope you have a wonderful week :)
    Breanna recently posted..Nuby Designer Series Sippy Cup ReviewMy Profile

  9. Tracking progress is always great as you get to be more motivated to surpass your past accomplishment. Running or going on hikes to me never seemed easy. It’s quite a challenge to be fit and get through the trails especially when weather is not cooperating.

  10. That is great that you guys run together!!! I would not be able to go running without music and conversation . Good luck to your husband at the Boston marathon what a great goal to work towards!

  11. omg good for y’all for running together!!!! I wish I could get my hubby to do anything active! I’ve been trying to get him to hit the gym with me for years and no luck yet -_- and Boston Marathon!? That’s so awesome! Good luck to your hubby:)

  12. It is awesome that you and your spouse can have fun working out together. I would love to be able to run, however, we have snow now and then the summers are just so hot. Maybe I will invest in a treadmill or something because running is definitely something that I need to introduce back into my life.

  13. It is awesome that you and your spouse can have fun working out together. I would love to be able to run, however, we have snow now and then the summers are just so hot. Maybe I will invest in a treadmill or something because running is definitely something that I need to introduce back into my life.

  14. WHY ARE YOU KEEPING SECRETS FROM ME?! ;) Running is SO GOOD. I spend a lot more time in the gym rather than on the trails these days, but I should try to get out more. (Have I told you that I really, really don’t like running? All this positivity is invented because I’m convinced running is the best. LOGICALLY. Not physically. :))

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