Taking photos outside, you’ll never mimic the same type of sunlight. That and the fact that Monday – Wednesday were at completely different times (ranging from 6:30am photos to 8:00am) so obviously the lighting will be a bit different from day to day. So some of my photos are nice daylight looking while others are blue or red. Pain in my butt. I’m sure you all really noticed the photo colors ;)ootww

The other day at work just flew right on by. Probably because we basically worked half the day! No joke.

From 8am-10am my Marketing Team & I had to be out of the office for a presentation of sorts at the local Holiday Inn. Boy, has it changed since I’ve been there last (uh… the 80s?). Loving their leather chairs and the warm red hues on the wall. I’m looking at decorating our balcony for next summer. Thinking of stuff like a set of cushions outdoor with some fun stripey or printed patterns. I bet I could find a bunch on sale since it’s end of season.Holiday Inn

Since we usually have our team meetings on Wednesday, we decided to keep the routine going but rather than do it in office, have it while eating a nice breakfast out at a restaurant! Get this. I found it funny. The server didn’t laugh as hard as I did, when ordering it: A vegetarian omelet with… bacon (and a side of bacon). Bacon in my omelet, bacon on the side. No better way.

When my boss & co-worker went out to their cars, the server came over and leaned into me. Saying “You has a beautiful smile. Where you from by the way?” Of course, me being friendly (what else is there to be, really?) I said “THANKS! Newfoundland. Tee hee.” In my head I was saying “Uhh. I’m from taken city. Thanks“.

It was a delicious breakfast and I didn’t feel like taking a photo of it all. The portions were massive and by the time lunch rolled around I wasn’t hungry. I went out to Target to spend my gift card that I won at work and rather than keeping it to the $20 limit that my card was worth, I of course… spent a good fiddy bucks. What the hey? Couldn’t help it. They were having clearance on everything. My favorite underwear were 50% off (usually $5 each, which is still inexpensive in my mind for the comfiest underwear on the planet. Gillgan and O’Malley, I love you). Look for this tag! You won’t ever regret it:gilligan omalley
Undies. Got a cute pair of socks. A bra (again — by Gilligan and O’Malley) that has a front closure which is PHENOMINAL. A mars bar (not shown. It’s in my belly). And some Up & Up brand of disinfecting wipes. Anyone go through these as fast as I do? I use them for spills, and quick clean ups around the apartment. They’re the cheapest I’ve seen for the quantity. Don’t buy the Walmart brand. They feel so dry and plasticy right out of the package.

Today I’m bringing a new snack with me to work. I’m excited to dig into them. Remember my post about healthy snacking tips, and showed you the Kind bars in one of them? Erin, from KIND somehow found my website and e-mailed me asking if I’d like to try out some of their new flavors. Ain’t gonna turn that shiz down! Those KIND bars are superior to any other energy/granola on the market in my opinion. Plus, they’re two bucks a pop. Not the cheapest, which is why I wait for a sale to buy them. Anyway. As I said. Excited to dig into them either my morning or afternoon snack. Probably sooner than later as it’s already calling to me. Oof.dark choc chili kind bar

What is your favorite energy bar?
How much do you love shopping at Target?!
What are your plans for the weekend?

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  1. Wow Nancy. It’s impossible to choose just one outfit this week. They’re all amazing! Very beautiful the whole week.

    Never heard about Gilligan and O’Malley undies. Talk more about it =]

    I’m so addicted to energy bars, specially Trio Protein and Nestle Neston

  2. @Alice: You always bring a smile to my face! So I wanted to thank you for that.

    Oh, I should definitely talk about the Gilligan & O’Malley underwear/bras/pj selection, thanks for the suggestion.

    I’ve never heard of the two energy bars you mentioned, I’ll look those up.

    Hope you have a nice weekend!

  3. Glad you like my comments and that makes you smile. Sorry i haven’t been posting like in the past. I just noticed i mistyped my name. Posting at work is to blame. lol

    Those energy bars i mentioned are available here in Brazil, don’t know if they’re exported.

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