My CrossFit Journal Year 2 Week 21

I’ve been on a self guilt trip for the last few weeks. I’ve only been working out twice a week and have been having stomach issues almost everyday. I plan to blog about why I’m thinking of going off paleo. To put it simply … It’s giving me a leaky gut and I just cannot live like that. The full 30 days I was doing the Paleo challenge at CrossFit it was A leaky gut! It was dreadful. So now I feel guilty about going to CrossFit because I won, and everyone’s always asking me how Paleo is going. Well. It’s not going. Unless it’s going through me, you mean.

I’m still thinking about not really eating carbs that often. Just incorporating natural foods, nothing processed. But for now I’m allowing myself any cheats on whatever days whenever I feel the need. I think I just need to amp up my workouts because twice a week isn’t really cutting it.

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year 2, week 21, day 1

Front Squat
3 @ 70% (I used 70lbs)
3 @ 75% (I used 75lbs)
3 @ 80% (I used 80lbs)
2 @ 85% (I used 85lbs)
1 @ 90% (I used 95lbs)
3×1 @ 90-95% I couldn’t go past 95lbs!

WOD:5 Rounds
5 Clean to Thrusters
10 True (ring) pushups

I completed the five rounds in 11:52 and I think I used 55lbs for the workout.


year 2, week 21, day 2

Pullups: 10 minutes of kipping

1km run
10KB swing (32/24kg)
10 T2B
400m run
20KB swing
20 T2B
1km run
10KB swings
10 T2B

We had a 20 minute time limit. My first kilometer run was 5:15 and I headed into the kettlebell swings and used 16kg. Since it was only a 20 min WOD I didn’t finish it. I ended up going out on my last run at 15 minute-something and when I got back the buzzer had already beeped so it was the end. I was still pretty proud!

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  1. That’s unfortunate that Paleo isn’t working for you! I’m curious how its caused you to have leaky gut? I have some female clients including myself who have gained weight from Paleo but this is the first I’ve heard of it giving someone leaky gut. I would love to hear more!
    Amber @ ExSoyCise recently posted..Happy 2nd Year Blogiversary to Me!My Profile

  2. @Amber @ ExSoyCise: I lost 9lbs and 7+ inches off my small frame on Paleo, so while I looked “fit and toned” I did like how my body looked but the way my butt was falling out was just not good. I don’t know how else to explain it :( I’d love to know why it’s affecting me this way too. I’d gladly explain more but there’s truly not much else to say! Lol… I was documenting everything, taking pictures of all I ate. Just my body must feel like it was missing something to…. solidify them bowels of mine. Please feel free to e-mail me:
    Nancy recently posted..Celebrity CrushesMy Profile

  3. Have you heard of anyone else who has had the same issue? I think a clean, non processed diet would still be okay! I’d be curious to see if going back to non-paleo foods helps the problem. Good luck, lady!

  4. @Erin: No, which is the strange thing. Everyone is dumbfounded as to why I’m having issues. I’m sort of eating non-paleo foods at the moment just because I wanted to. Baking goods with regular flour in them etc… so hopefully that’ll do something good for my body.
    Nancy recently posted..OOTWWMy Profile

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