The long weekend is here! Horrah!

My friend from back home (the one to the right) is literally minutes away from me, here in Ontario visiting her brother. I’m so excited I get to see her over the weekend! Hopefully she has time to hang out more than once with fun ol’ me ;)

Not sure what I have planned for the long weekend. Nothing in particular. I was debating whether or not I should go to CrossFit tonight because last night’s WOD was tremendous, but exhausting. I think I’m going to end up going, making it four times this week. I think they’ll be closed on Monday and that’s a SUPER long break if I decide to not work out tonight. Hold me to it guys, no excuses!

Speaking of CrossFit, I was talking to one of the two coaches who owns the gym and I was discussing my paleo digestive issues with him. He told me to incorporate more root vegetables such as turnip, squash and all those hearty veggies (blech) and maybe cut down more on coconut oil since things aren’t getting solidified. Can’t believe I’m discussing this with you all. But… y’know. It is what it is. He also thought my digestive issues were quite strange and unusual so he’s going to shoot an e-mail to Rob Wolf and research some things and get back to me. Anyyyhoo. Thought I’d keep you all informed on those bodily functions of mine for a beauty Friday. Hope you enjoyed that ;)

Onto my outfits of the work week!ootww

I’m off to finish my breakfast of a sweet potato and mango…. mmm!sweet potato and mango

Tell me your plans for the weekend.

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