OOTWW & TripleFFriday #5

This week flew by! Did it for anyone else? I think it was the anticipation leading up to Halloween and I knew I was going to dress up and have some fun at work. Did you see that post yesterday? I dressed up as a nerd, naturally.

Carol made home-made Gnocchi and it looks so easy! I had planned on making it for dinner this week, but I didn’t. I will soon, and report back!

Check out my fellow FitFluential Ambassador, and also from Atlantic Canada buddy… Scott!  This week he  opened a freaking gym, and did his very first photoshoot. So… so very incredible. Photos looked awesome. Well done fella. I’m proud!

Kalli (on the right) dressed up for a Halloween 5k run and placed quite well. Congrats!

The Golden Girls. Always so fashionable. Never a dull moment photo, browsing through their site.

Halloween was on Wednesday and Jessica from Beautezine posted an incredibly horrific, but incredible photo. Girl’s got some skills!

Jess posted a delicious looking Sweet Curry Chicken Salad recipe. I love any recipe that incorporates apples. Scrumptious.

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