Honey mustard chicken ‘n beer


Today? I’m going to show you guys how to make this scrumptious meal!

Was anyone else adding an extra hour onto your work/school day? Due to the time–change I kept thinking to myself when it was 1:00 but really, it’s 2pm and all day I was like that! Especially yesterday since we didn’t set the clocks back yet. It made the day seem extra long which is so wonderful being that it was Sunday.

We had a pretty low key day yesterday, because on Saturday we drove to Toronto to check out the Dinosaur exhibit at the Royal Ontario Museum.

I also stopped by one of my favorite stores. You’ll have to wait and see what’s inside this pink bag!

It was like my childhood dream came true. I loved the exhibit and I loved imagining the dinosaurs coming to life and stomping on my head, or scooping me up like King Kong. I’m so excited to share the photos with my nephews, they’re at the perfect age right now and know much more dinosaur names than I do, so it’s pretty impressive.

We decided to get out of the house for a bit and stock up on some sale items at Sobeys.

Cereal sale! Time to get an abundance of it.

Don’t be fooled by those 3 boxes. We picked up I think 11 in total. Hey, a deals a deal. Gotta stock up when you can grab them for a great price, right?

Cheese was on for $4.99 — cheapest we’ve seen the bricks in a while.

Since I had all the time in the world to cook a meal that evening I’ve decided to whip up some random concoction and pray that it tastes good. Plus, doesn’t hurt to surprise those tastebuds once in a while.

I’ve been on the hunt for new recipes to make in the kitchen, and it couldn’t have come at a better time when I was chosen to be one of the bloggers to shop at The Beer Store and cook up something with beer, and share it with you all. Perfect opportunity to change things up in the otherwise typical meal.

Dang straight I’m including beer in my recipe with you guys today. Let’s get crack-a-lackin’.

First up, I have to be honest. It’s been more than a few years since I’ve stepped inside a beer store. I do have to say I was a little disappointed that I wasn’t ID-ed. Guess I’m past the age of looking 25 of younger. Shame.

When I walked into the store I got in the wrong line up immediately. This one above was for returns to get cash back from your bottles/cans. Ha, oops!

Standing alongside of the beer returns aisle, you could get closer to see the selection of beer choices to buy. Whether it be in cans, bottles, or tall boys.

I didn’t know you could buy just one beer, singly. The middle photo posted above had a cooler full of them. Kinda neat, especially if you’re a lightweight or just don’t drink all that often and want just one or two.

Here I am waiting for “The Beer Man” (heh heh) to bring us out the beer we ordered and paid for. The boyfriend was with me, so he ended up choosing Rickard’s White tall boys.

Cooking with beer? So easy. If you have a recipe that calls for water, and want to add a bit more flavour — substitute it with beer!

I think this would be a great recipe to bring to a holiday party. Just the fun-factor of calling it Honey Mustard Chicken ‘n Beer is enough to make me giddy. I’m sure a lot of the guys would love it too.

That’s all you need!

I honestly would’ve never thought this would’ve tasted as good as it did. I lunged into the Boyfriend arms as soon as he came home from work, telling him that it was RESTAURANT QUALITY. I don’t know how to describe the taste other than semi-sweet, and one of the better meals I’ve made.

Honey Mustard Chicken ‘n Beer:

  • 1 tbsp oil
  • 1 tsp garlic
  • ¼ tsp ginger
  • 1 tbsp honey
  • 1 tsp mustard
  • 1 tsp dijon mustard
  • 1 ½ tsp soy sauce
  • 2 cooked chicken breasts

You’ll notice there’s two kinds of mustard in the mix. I found dijon mustard in the fridge, as I was putting away the yellow mustard, so I added it in!


  • Cook chicken (I used a grill) and set aside but keep warm.
  • Heat up your oil, garlic and ginger
  • Add in honey, mustard, and dijon mustard and whisk it together in your pan.
  • Add the soy sauce then beer
  • Cook it all together until it starts to bubble

  • Add in your cooked, sliced chicken breasts, keep the heat on medium-medium high and flip your chicken when you feel like it (after 5 minutes or so)
  • Make sure your sauce has coated the chicken and serve!

The sauce was very runny so if you want to add thickness to it add 1tsp of corn starch with a drop of water to a glue-like consistency, and then add it to your sauce mixture. This will shine up the sauce, if you were having guests over and wanted your presentation to be pretty ;)

It was so easy! I served the chicken with some quinoa and a spinach salad.

Whaddya say, folks? Dig in.

I added a few more pieces of chicken to our plates after I snapped some shots of my wonderful creation. Ahh… the perfect way to end the weekend, am I right?

(Baked Garlic Beer Fries from Life & Kitchen)

If you’re feeling beerave (ha, see what I did there?) you could also make these Baked Garlic Beer Fries I found online too. Since I didn’t want too much beer flavours happening in my mouth, I decided to stick to just the Honey Mustard Chicken ‘n Beer concoction and add a bit of quinoa and spinach salad to the mix.

Super easy, super flavourful and quick prep & cook time!

Have you ever cooked with beer?

What is your favourite type of beer?

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OOTWW & TripleFFriday #5

This week flew by! Did it for anyone else? I think it was the anticipation leading up to Halloween and I knew I was going to dress up and have some fun at work. Did you see that post yesterday? I dressed up as a nerd, naturally.

Carol made home-made Gnocchi and it looks so easy! I had planned on making it for dinner this week, but I didn’t. I will soon, and report back!

Check out my fellow FitFluential Ambassador, and also from Atlantic Canada buddy… Scott!  This week he  opened a freaking gym, and did his very first photoshoot. So… so very incredible. Photos looked awesome. Well done fella. I’m proud!

Kalli (on the right) dressed up for a Halloween 5k run and placed quite well. Congrats!

The Golden Girls. Always so fashionable. Never a dull moment photo, browsing through their site.

Halloween was on Wednesday and Jessica from Beautezine posted an incredibly horrific, but incredible photo. Girl’s got some skills!

Jess posted a delicious looking Sweet Curry Chicken Salad recipe. I love any recipe that incorporates apples. Scrumptious.

Submit yourself to my weekly Fun, Fit, Fashionable posts. You can certainly submit your own, next week. Just shoot me an e-mail to spiffykerms@gmail.com. Just include any of the following:

  • Your name
  • Your URL, if you have a blog
  • Description of you being Fun, Fit or Fashionable
  • A photo, which is optional of course
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One of his favorites

In our household, we make a lot of chicken. I would like to emphasis a lot. I will never tire of it. Clearly, since I’ve been eating it mostly every day for years now.

Sure I like to change it up a bit by having fish, burgers, pork or (rarely) ham. But for the most part it’s just chicken on the menu. I’ve become pretty creative when it comes to making our chicken suppers. I’m really terrible with coming up with recipes myself. Whenever I’m eating out, or my family cooks something for me, I grab their recipe. Usually it’s not measured. I also like finding recipes online especially a site that is just catered to chicken: http://Chicken.ca. Uh, heck yea.

I’ve decided to share with you another step-by-step recipe. One of my boyfriend’s favorites: Rich ‘n creamy white chicken spaghetti. Except I use spaghettini. Oh details.

My Mom made this for me when I was back home in Newfoundland during Christmas two years ago. It’s so simple. Look:

  • Milk
  • Cream Cheese
  • Chicken
  • Bell Peppers
  • Spaghetti noodles

That’s it.

I’ve started to play around with the recipe, adding in things like dill, or garlic to the mix. It basically tastes the same every time.  I don’t know why I bother making it more complicated.

Honestly I don’t measure, because I always have to add more of the original ingredient list, after the fact anyway. I’ll try my best ;)

Start heating up your frying pan, and set to medium heat.

Add in half of one tub of cream cheese. I use the light, just because the entire base is cream cheese and probably not the most healthiest meal you can eat. But it’s good. Can you believe I don’t like alfredo sauce, but I really love this? I don’t get it either. I try not to make too much sense of it.

At the same time, add in ¼ cup of milk. I use skim. You can use whatever you please.

While that’s simmering down to a sauce. Cut up some cooked chicken and bell peppers. Add in any other veggies you may want to incorporate into this recipe. Also while you’re waiting, put a pot of water on the boil, for your spaghetti noodles.

Cook it until the cream cheese melts into the milk and creates a nice sauce that looks a little like this, or until it gets bubbly. Stir occasionally, so the sauce doesn’t stick to the pan.

It may have lumps in it. I’m not a perfectionist in the kitchen. I leave them there, lol. Those black  specks are the lemon pepper seasoning I added. As I stated before, I don’t know why I try to make things more complicated because I honestly couldn’t tell the difference.

Now it’s time to add your bell peppers and chicken breast into the mix. I used one green pepper and two boneless skinless (cooked of course) chicken breasts.

Giv’er a good stir around, and put the top on your pan and let science do its thing.

Your water should be just about boiling for your spaghetti; boil spaghetti for 8-9 minutes.

The chicken and bell peppers suck up the moisture of the sauce. So now I like to go back in an add more milk, to make sure that the sauce is more creamy, instead of sticky and dry.

Ding ding ding! That’s the sound of the buzzer. It went off so now that the spaghetti is done it’s time to strain the noodles and serve your supper!

And there you have it my friends.

A #NoNakedChicken, creamy chicken spaghetti recipe. If you cook your chicken and chop your veg beforehand, your supper will be ready in 20 minutes tops. So easy, right?

Disclosure – I am participating in the Chicken Farmers of Canada program by http://ShesConnected.com.  I received compensation in exchange for my participation in this campaign.  The opinions on this blog are my own.

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