Explore California: San Pedro Square, San Jose

San-Pedro-Sq-HeaderCan you believe we visited the first week of March and it was practically like a gorgeous summers day? I mean, I guess I should get used to it given that we’re in California. But it still boggles my mind how warm it can get during the winter. I love it. Layer on the sunblock though!

San-Pedro-SquareI want more people to experience my amazing wonderful new home city of San Jose, which is why I’ve been writing continuously about our weekend staycation.




The Guy and I headed down here for a bite to eat during our San Jose staycation that I’ve been writing about for the past few weeks. He had never been inside the San Pedro Square Market building, so we took a walk inside. For those that live in the Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario Canada part — you’ll know what i mean when I say this reminded me a bit of the St. Jacob’s Market.

San-Pedro-Sq-seatingOutside, there is tons of seating and often during the summer months there’s always bands out here giving it a great vibe to just come out here and chill out with your buds for an evening.

San-Pedro-Sq-PizzaAfter touring around and trying to decide where to eat, we ended up grabbing a Capricciosa pizza (and altered it a bit) at Pizza Bocca Lupo. Do I love me some pizza man. I’m starting to get picky as to where I eat a pizza. I can’t go just anywhere. It has to be highly rated, nothing with a super thick crust either. I’m enjoying my wood fired thin crust pizzas. I substituted a few things from my order, and added chicken. Holy yum.


Oldest-San-Jose-BuildingIf you walk outside, it’s hard not to notice San Jose’s oldest building Peralta Adobe built in 1797! Man, America and their super old history — never ceases to amaze me. It was roped off since it’s not quite accessible to the public anymore. But I hear school kids get tours inside. I love that San Jose built San Pedro Square right around it. Sitting outside with that view

Bray-Butcher-BlockSo perfect to bring a bunch of friends, whether they be from out of town or just going out with a couple of buddies after work. The diverse selection of food is fantastic regardless if you want pizza, sushi, burgers, there’s a ton to choose from.

Market-Beer-CoDowntown San Jose really does have a lot to offer. You don’t always have to venture up to San Francisco to see all the attractions. Down here there’s theatres, operas, concerts, sports attractions (NHL games!) ballets, music lovers, upscale hotels, dining and nightlife destination all in the downtown core. Definitely a hot spot with the locals, fun restaurants, and easy access to the San Jose Sharks games. I’ve had coffee down in the SPQ at Bellano, which I’ve yet to document and snap pictures for you guys. I talked about their second location up in West San Jose, but I’ll have to venture to downtown again to show you the real loft vibe Bellano

San-Pedro-Sq-bloomsSan Jose is currently working on their retailers, as there isn’t too much shopping in the downtown core. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t visit — come down here for a swallie before the NHL hockey game, or simply for after work dinner with some buddies of yours. Filled with beautiful palm trees, the perfect weather for patio-time with friends.

San Jose is full of amazing history. Apparently we have the worlds largest outdoor monopoly game which is also downtown. I drove past it the other day. Maybe I’ll hop out of my car next time and take some snaps of it. But I’m going to simply ignore the fact it costs a fortune to rent and actually play the game, it’s still pretty cool that it’s even there.

There are so many great places in our new home of San Jose. Keep coming back to my good ol’ blog so I can let you in on all of the fantastic spots I go!

San Pedro Square Market
87 N San Pedro St, San Jose, CA 95110

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Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum, San Jose




Ros-EgyptWhen I studied Textile Studies straight out of High School, my Mother was going to the same college for Graphic Design (which I later attended). Conveniently, one of our Art History classes were combined in another building. So for a semester, my Mom and I were classmates.

We always had a little friendly competitive streak in us. So we started studying our 7lb Art History book together. Yet somehow she always got better grades. That Mom-brain of hers, she’s some smart, I tell ya.

My husband is huge on museums even more-so than I am, so we checked out the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum and it was a fantastic way to start our weekend. Although we didn’t get to explore as much into detail as we wanted, we still got to have a good look around for a little over an hour. It’s worth a visit, especially if you’re interested in Egyptian times since it houses the largest collection of Egyptian artifacts on exhibit in western North America!

But fret not! I actually went back to visit this place a second time, but explore the outside grounds with my lil’ pup Alfie! I didn’t realize it was so done up, with many plants and statues until I was told by one of the guys from Team San Jose that I should check it out. Go on over to that blog post if you missed it, it’s really beautiful, and some kid mistook Alfie for a CAT. HAHA.

Right now I’ll take you through a series of photographs (photo heavy!) of the inside.

Ros-Egypt-MerenptahThe piece I’m standing in front of is a cast directly from a mold created from Merenptah’s tomb in Egypt.



Rosicrucian-ThothProbably my favourite little mummy at the museum. It was a fake mummy of a Baboon to fool people from stealing it (as they usually would). You’ll have to visit to find out the whole story behind Baboons being mummified. 

Ros-First-artifactThis little statue of Standing Sekhmet started the whole Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum here in San Jose. You can see she is wearing on her head that she wears a serpent and the solar disc. 

Ros-Egypt-StatuesBeautiful statues. You may recognize the mummy tomb on the far right, it’s King Tut.

Ros-mummybullA bull head, a cat and even baby crocodiles were mummified.

Ros-Early-Dynastic-CoffinThis was an early dynastic coffin was  was no more than 4 feet wide and made of cedar wood since the mummification process had yet to be developed. People were buried in this wooden box, in the fetal position as they were put to rest. Couldn’t be comfortable for them, but I suppose they wouldn’t know, since they had passed on.

Now onto my favourite part of the museum, the cave where tombs would have been buried!Ros-Egypt-Cave

Ros-Egypt-CaveinsideIt was huge inside. I could imagine myself being a little girl, freaking out not wanting to explore this cave. But as a grown adult who knows better — it was super cool.

Ros-Egypt-Cave-stairsTowards the end of the first level. To the left is a set of stairs.

Ros-Egypt-Cave-stairs3Sneak peek of the room the tomb would’ve been buried in.

Ros-Egypt-Cave-stairs2…and down we go to explore.


Ros-Egypt-Cave-Art1I have to leave some stuff up to the imagination. So all I’m showing is what was on the walls. Beneath the floor in this section, was a huge dug-out where a tomb would’ve been buried.

Of course there is so much more to see than what I photographed. But I don’t want to ruin it for anyone who comes to visit. I mean there’s a couple of creepy mummy inside, too. But I don’t want to scare anyone. I could’ve stared at it for a while, but I can imagine it being freaky-deaky to so many people. Even while I was going through the photos to edit them for the blog, I had second thoughts on adding them in here. So if you want to see them for yourself, you’re going to have to come here to visit! :)


Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum 
1660 Park Avenue
San Jose, CA 95191

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Tech Museum of Innovation, San Jose

Tech-Museum-headerWhile living here is still relatively new, I wanted to experience it before I took it for granted. Soon enough, we’d be living here for ten years and haven’t experienced many of the local touristy spots.

Tech-Museum-excitedThis is my excited face. I couldn’t wait to go in. I had a feeling it would be like the Ontario Science Centre The Guy and I went to a number of years ago. Although April Showers should bring May flowers, Mother Nature here in California likes to think it’s summer year round.

Tech-Museum-downstairsI was going to first say that the Tech Museum of Innovation would be a fantastic spot to take your kids (or people of any age — since we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves) here when it rains. But it doesn’t rain! So come on by anyway, and explore what’s inside!






Tech-Museum-nerd-pkGot our nerdy headsets on which ended up recording our brain activity while we walked around the exhibits, so we could look back on it later. I received quite a few stares from the people who hadn’t realized it was available, one person asked me if I was part of some sort of project! We only wore the headsets for about 45 minutes, I couldn’t wear it any longer — I was starting to get a brutal headache from the thing pinching my ear and ill-fitting my head.

Tech-Museum-bodymeHere’s the second part of the body metrics thing we were wearing, telling us how we were feeling. I wasn’t anxious though, I was having tons of fun! Perhaps I was feeling nervous because of the next exhibit we went to: the earthquake simulator! Gah!

Tech-Museum-earthquakeI took the advice of a staff member to check out the earthquake simulator. It was terrifying. Especially if you hadn’t experienced one before. The kids who hopped on after us all seemed to love it and stay on for each additional earthquake that was happening. But when you realize how destructive it could be it hits home and frightens you. I could barely stand up without holding onto the safety bar they had available for us. Me and my husband’s face dropped as soon as we felt how violent an 8.2 earthquake could really feel. Let me just say I am not ready to face that. I still have no idea where to hide when one strikes. Let alone thinking about grabbing our little dog in the midst of it all. Hoooooo… wee!

Tech-Museum-Jetpack-SimHere’s the husband and I taking our turns on the jetpack simulator which was really fun. You had a 60 seconds to get your red dot lined up with the green dot. Kinda felt like you were floating.

Tech-Museum-astronautOoph! There’s an astronaut.

Tech-Museum-upstairsSo colourful and fun, but a lot of the stuff there was definitely aimed for younger children. Regardless, we still had a ball!

Tech-Museum-creep-face2Haha. I mean, check out the faces we were making at the swap-your-face screen. Here are my eyes, some kids head, and my husbands mouth/beard area.

Tech-Museum-Creep-faceCreepy, and hilarious. I was in tears, laughing so hard!

Tech-Museum-funny-faceThis one too!

Tech-Museum-robotsThis little robot on the right was from the robotic design basics. We totally fell for the talking robot until we realized the young adult sitting on the bench was talking through a microphone. Completely fooled us, and we laughed SO hard when we realized we didn’t necessarily needed to ask it simplistic questions for it to understand. Hilarious, and definitely something kids would absolutely go bonkers for.

Tech-Museum-wattsMy husband, the 5x Ironman Triathlete spends endless hours on his bike every week. It’s not a surprise he can crank up the watts to make everything light up here.

Tech-Museum-thermalThis was another awesome exhibit, it was all thermal. The Guy always jokes around with me that I’m constantly cold (which I am). Truth be told by the thermal exhibit — I certainly am too! And he’s always super over-heated (In case you didn’t know like me, Red = cold, white = warm).

Tech-Museum-loveI took a minute, to spell out LOVE



Tech-Museum-bodymetThe Tech Museum of Innovation would be a fantastic spot to check out especially if it’s on a rainy day — rare occasion these days with the California drought.


Tech Museum of Innovation

201 South Market Street, CA 95113
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