Staying at the Fairmont, San Jose

Fairmont-HeaderTo finalize our San Jose staycation last month, we ended up staying overnight at the Fairmont in downtown San Jose. It was a real treat to stay in such an elegant hotel even if just for the one nighter. I’m pretty sure our hotel room was twice the square footage of our previous apartment in Waterloo. To say it was gigantic was an understatement. I’m pretty sure the photos I’m about to show you won’t do the hotel room any justice whatsoever.

When you first walked into the suite (I’ve never in my life even stayed in a suite before, so that was pretty wicked first of all) there was this huge L-shaped hallway leading into a living room with a few couches, a TV and a desk. Then to your left there were a set of sliding doors which leads of course, to no other than the bedroom with a king sized bed that looked miniature in this grand room. It was pure luxury. I raced to the bathroom to see how huge that was, considering everything else was on a grand scale. You betcha, that too was massive. A separate tub, a fantastic glass shower, his-and-her sinks, and a toilet tucked away behind a wall for even more privacy.

It’s too bad we weren’t at the hotel longer, because I could easily get used to that kind of space in a hotel room. If I were to guess, I could probably do 3 cartwheels (not that I would) in the room, no trouble. In a row!

Anyway let’s get into the photos — because I just can’t seem to talk about this hotel enough (don’t you just love it when hotels decorate in shades of gold? I feel like it’s that more ritzier).










Tech-Museum-from-HotelYou could see the Tech Museum we visited, from our hotel room!



Fairmont-rooftop-poolThe rooftop pool at the Fairmont kept changing colours, it was pretty neat hey?


Huge thanks to Team San Jose for hosting us on our San Jose staycation. 

Fairmont San Jose

170 South Market Street, San Jose CA 95113
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Winchester Mystery House

Winchester-HeaderWinchester Mystery House is a historic house in San Jose. The still unfinished mansion is full of strange hallways, hidden rooms, and supposedly various ghosts. The Guy and I took a tour there while on our San Jose Staycation a few weeks back.

Winchester-WalkwayThe house is so beautiful, yet so very strange. A woman residing in Connecticut, had quite the untimely death of her 6 week old daughter, and husband shortly after.

The-Guy-at-WinchesterNever getting over the grieving period and mourning of her loved ones, she moved out to California after given the advice from someone she trusted. Apparently she was so superstitious that she needed to keep building and building her home in California. She continued to build for 38 years straight. Contentiously. Could you imagine? Every day. Building.

GardenWhen she died, all building of her home stopped. Her house belongings were sold at auction and took 8 truck loads per day for 6.5 weeks to move all the furniture out. MAN! For one person!


Winchester-HouseI’m not one to feel claustrophobic but holy smokes due to the small rooms, narrow switch back staircases, we were on a tour with a group of about 20 people in total, with kids included. A 65 minute tour of the strange house was definitely long enough for me! The Guy couldn’t get enough of it though — he loved it. I mean, I did too, but I felt so strange being in there.

Sitting-outside-WinchesterI definitely got an eerie vibe from the house. I definitely wouldn’t want to go trick-or-treating there or get lost inside. I’d never be found, haha! If you really want to get spooked, do a flashlight tour, which happens every Friday 13th.

Cherub-at-WinchesterMrs. Winchester loved her home, and built it so architecturally sound that it withstood many earthquakes. However, the mansion was 7 stories high at one point, up until the large 1906 San Francisco earthquake which took the home down to four stories.

Bush-13 Fun facts about the Winchester Mystery House I learned on the tour:

  1. 160 rooms in the home.
  2. 40 bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, yet one shower.
  3. The design of the house was so strange. Doors opening into walls. Staircases to go nowhere, or a ceiling
  4. Her séance room had 1 entrance yet 3 exists.

I don’t want to ruin anything for you guys in case you decide to do the tour yourself one day. So I’ll leave it at that, and finish it up with photos of the grounds. We weren’t allowed to take any photographs inside.








pink-flowers\ Winchester


I would say it’s definitely worth touring the house at least once if you visit San Jose, even if you’re not totally interested. I had absolutely no idea what we were getting into on the tour. And I’m still thinking about it a month later. I’m seriously fascinated by it all.

Winchester Mystery House

525 South Winchester Boulevard, San Jose, CA 95128
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Shop Santana Row this Mother’s Day!

I’ll be taking a break from blogging while visiting my family back in Newfoundland, Canada. I flew here last night and today is my first official day and I’m so excited to surprise my nephews at school — they have no idea I’m here! Follow me on Instagram and Twitter and I’ll be back to regular blogging when I get back in May :) 

Santana-Row-HeaderMany people venture up to San Francisco to do their shopping. But what they don’t realize here in the Bay Area, there’s tons of fantastic shopping to suit any budget right here in San Jose. Whether you’re at the mall, or across the street in Santana Row there’s something for everyone. Seriously, Santana Row has everything from Gucci, to H&M! Clearly I shop at the latter one because I can’t afford to do luxury shopping right now, haha!

Santana-RowSantana Row is the first place I bring out-of-town visitors, not only for the shopping — but for dining and drinks too. There’s so many yummy restaurants to choose from, my favourite being Pizza Antica for their authentic wood fired thin crust pizzas, man I do love some pizza.

So pop on by to Santana Row and see what kind of goodies you can get your good ol’ Ma for upcoming Mother’s day on Sunday May 10. There’s even a movie theatre there if she’s into that —take her out to see a new release, even! Here are a few top picks of mine:

The-Dry-barTreat her to a mid morning hair blow-out at The Dry Bar. Have you used any of these products? Their dry shampoo is pretty good (it’s a clear aerosol so perfect for brunettes), and I love their mousse that comes in a yellow bottle, it makes my roots have some oompf! I need to restock on that stuff soon.

Ted-BakerTed Baker has some cute arrivals for Spring. Check out that blingy faux crystal necklace!

MadewellIs your Mom a jeans and tee kinda gal? Hit up Madewell for some perfect fitting jeans and a few simplistic accessories. I kinda want that mini wallet for myself. I’m thinking of adding it to my birthday wishlist ;)

Beau-BijouFunky jewellery is always an awesome choice. These photos are all taken at the Beau Bijou store.

AnthropologieAnthropologie will always be my favourite go-to store for little knick-knack gifts. Coffee cups with your Mom’s initials, or even a huge candle. Candles are always a nice touch to add to a kitchen island. These one’s from Anthro are massive and smell amazing — as do all Anthropologie candles, am I right?!

Bo-ConceptSam at Bo Concept is one fun dude to chat to. He was telling me all about the urban Danish design and functional pieces of furniture they have. Perhaps your parents are re-modelling their home? I wanted everything in this store.

Pressed-JuicePressed Juicery recently opened up in Santana Row — is your Mother into drinking fresh pressed juices, or maybe into juice cleanses?

Z-GallerieThere are SO many amazing interior design pieces at Z Gallerie. These were just a handful of my favourite picks from the 3 tiered water wine/beer (let’s be real) dispenser to gorgeous bedding, and table top decor.

Vintage-Wine-BarOr take her our for a few swallies at the Vintage Wine Bar! Santana Row has the cutest little places all around.

Sur-La-TableMy Mom loves to cook (she’s a good one at that — wish I had taken after her in that way!), and I know she’d love anything by Le Cruset bake/cookware.

OOTD2-Santana-RowOr  just simply spend time with her! Have fun taking silly photos wherever you go!

OOTD-Santana-RowEnjoy your time together, laugh, giggle, and shop.

Obviously these are just a few ideas for presents that I spotted around the shopping/dining area of Santana Row to give you some ideas on what to give your Mother. Fresh flowers and taking her out for a nice meal, just the two of you is also something I’m sure she’d appreciate!

What do you usually do for Mother’s Day?

Santana Row

377 Santana Row, San Jose CA 95128
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