My birthday present to myself

Today is the last day of the paleo challenge. I have not cheated in the 31 days I’ve been on it. Since April 7 my lips have not touched a chocolate bar, or a sandwich or tea with 4 sugars. I’m pretty proud of myself!

My paleo goal was to buy myself some Reebok Nano 2.0’s in yellow to reward myself for not cheating. And my parents sorta bought them for me for my birthday.

I purchased them online because I got a 20% off coupon online (if you signed up for their newsletter). So I knew I’d wear them regardless. But I can officially wear them today. Brand new out of the box. Because it’s my BIRTHDAY today!

I’ll be smiling all day. Just like in this pic (that I took last night before heading to CrossFit).

Can you notice a change in my body? I sure can. Especially the waist area. I’m loving the way my body looks with clothes on lately. Like I stated before, I took before/after pictures from the Paleo challenege. You can’t really tell a difference which is disappointing. Plus, I’m a little reserved so I’m not sure if I’ll be posting a picture of me in a sports bra and shorts for the whole internet to see. You know? Who knows. I may brave it. My neighbor back home in Newfoundland told me to go for it.

Breakfast today will consist of paleo-something or other. But come 3:30pm I will be measured and weighed-in and then it’s time for a mini pig out session. Don’t worry, I’ll ease myself into it. I don’t want to be vomiting on my birthday. Or do I?

My Boyfriend bought me these climbing shoes over the weekend for a birthday gift. I tried them out on Sunday night and they were pretty sweet.

They’re the La Sportiva Katana’s in 36.5. I wear an 8.5 street shoe and I bought these in 5.5. That’s how tight they “should” feel. Nuts hey? I’ll always have gnarly toe knuckles. Too much information? I tend to over-share sometimes.

Plans for tonight? Well, I’m going to head in for a climb right after work because the Boyfriend is training super hard for his upcoming Triathlons this year. So I’ll have some time to spare before he’s back home. Then later on we’re heading out for some poutine, then frozen yogurt! Yum yum.

Cherrio folks!!!

By the way ā€” I realized I didn’t upload my workouts from last week yet. I’m a bit behind on that. I worked out 6x last week which wore me right out. It’ll be up. Soon.

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Live With Fire!


Remember this post?

Well. After months of debating whether or not to jump on the nano bandwagon, I did it.

I bought the yellow Reebok Nano 2.0’s online last night at, and I got 20% off + free shipping for signing up for their newsletter. Cha-ching. Technically my parents bought them for me, for my birthday which is next month. So, I won’t wear these until I’ve finished my paleo challenge which ends ON my birthday.

Cha Ching.

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iPod Nano recall

I first heard about this two days ago on the news.

First generation ipod nano’s have been recalled. First generation being between September 2005 ā€” December 2006 (I think). Easiest way to tell if you have a first gen like myself, is that the front of your nano is plastic, not metal. I got mine for my birthday in 2006. They’re recalling the product after 5 years because there has been issues with the battery overheating and burning people in some circumstances.

So, go dig up your old nano and fill out an Apple Support request. They e-mailed me back within 48 hours.

From what I’ve read on Cnet, they’re replacing the first generation nano’s with another first gen nano with a new battery.

I don’t use my iPod that often, the battery never did last me that long when I went out on runs. But I’m not about to turn down a new battery! Can you believe that I haven’t added/deleted any of my music since I originally put it on my nano back in 2006? Oops!

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