iPod Nano recall

I first heard about this two days ago on the news.

First generation ipod nano’s have been recalled. First generation being between September 2005 — December 2006 (I think). Easiest way to tell if you have a first gen like myself, is that the front of your nano is plastic, not metal. I got mine for my birthday in 2006. They’re recalling the product after 5 years because there has been issues with the battery overheating and burning people in some circumstances.

So, go dig up your old nano and fill out an Apple Support request. They e-mailed me back within 48 hours.

From what I’ve read on Cnet, they’re replacing the first generation nano’s with another first gen nano with a new battery.

I don’t use my iPod that often, the battery never did last me that long when I went out on runs. But I’m not about to turn down a new battery! Can you believe that I haven’t added/deleted any of my music since I originally put it on my nano back in 2006? Oops!

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  1. I submitted the form on the apple website and have yet to hear anything back. How odd. I also found the battery life to be short, but I won’t refuse an upgrade, too bad it’s nothing newer.

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