Ah! My favorite post of the week.

Since I was hardly at work last week, and my OOTWW was pitiful, I decided to include 1 weekend OOTD which was last Sunday!

I didn’t realize how bulky my sweater today looks. Oh well, it’s comfortable. That’s all that matters to me, at work anyway lol

This weekend will be super fun, as we’re going to be heading to a different city to do a bit of shopping. Perhaps Christmas shopping, but I definitely have a few stores picked out that I can’t wait to visit again. When stores are inaccessible to you, they seem so much… better. Know what I mean? For instance, I love Sephora and all, but now that the store is in a 10 minute driving distance from my work, I don’t feel the need to go in there until I need something. Or unless they’re having a sale/VIB deal.

I also have to pick up a memory box for someone who is retiring off the Board of Directors and we usually get the plaques engraved with their name. So, that’s my duty! The boss handed over the baton for me to take care of our Annual General Meeting. Exciting, but a little scary!

What is everyone up to this weekend?

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  1. Dude- where did you get those Target boots from? (Don’t say Target haha) I neeeeed them!!

    And since you asked, I am getting paid to dance at a bar like a normal person so the bar looks busy hahah. :)

    Nancy says: Yeaaaaa, they’re from Target. I got my friend to purchase/send them to me.

  2. I love Tuesday’s and Thursday’s outfits! LOVE the tights you’re wearing in Tuesday’s photo… The outfit looks very holiday-ish :)

    Enjoy the shopping!

    For me, I’m staying home working on a few things -___- Well, I have an exam with the government tomorrow (ALL DAY, gross).

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