My CrossFit Journal (Year 1, week 28)

I don’t know why I named my weekly workout schedule “My CrossFit Journal” because sometimes I skip CrossFit for a week. Like this week for instance, I went just once to CrossFit (Thursday night) because I was so bloody sore from the insane Murphy Challenge the prior Saturday morning! My lats and biceps felt like they were going to rip right off, for days.

I came out of soccer “retirement” last Wednesday night. I was invited by my CrossFit coach to join their new co-ed team and start up in the indoor league. Let’s start with that:


year 1, week 28, day one. Soccer!!!

Our first soccer game started at 10:00pm this night. I showed up to the indoor field at 9:30pm and not a soul was around! I was surprised, as I thought some people would want to warm up a bit before the game. 10 minutes later, people started slowing pouring in. We started the game a bit late because there weren’t any ref’s (nor will there ever be, in this league I don’t think – very laid back).

I forgot how fast paced men are with their foot work. I felt like I had to work extra hard to show my team what I was capable of. We ended up winning 2-0.


year 1, week 28, day one


3 Rep Max Deficit Strict HSPU
*12 minutes to establish

My CrossFit coach had a few of us practice getting up in the air for the hand stands. Apparently I was getting the hang of it pretty quickly. He then told me to stay up in the handstand for 5 seconds. I stayed up longer, which he saw. Then said for me to move forward once again and start doing the beginning of handstand push ups. SO SCARY but SO FUN!!! I ended up using 3 ab mats and just bending my arms ever so slightly. I did it a few times in a row, so it’s just now getting the depth in.

I asked my Boyfriend on Saturday afternoon if he wanted me to show him what I was capable of. I didn’t try to dip down whatsoever, but kept the handstand pose while he took a photo of me.

3 Ring Dip
6 Hollow Rocks
9 Box Jumps (30/24)

This workout was tough. I ended up using a 16″ box with a ton of weights on it to make it 24″, but it ended up being 25″ somehow. My hips were quite sore after this workout, so I decided to listen to my body and make it the last workout of my week. I did 9 complete rounds, I think. Either that or I was just finishing it up. I forget.

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Hello Saturday, I love you!

Well! I’m in a peppy kind of mood this morning. I think it helped going to bed at midnight and waking up half past ten! ha ha!! I leaped out of bed. I hate getting up that late I only like to sleep in until close to ten ;)  on the weekends. Otherwise I feel like the day is half gone.

I woke up like a starved gull and headed straight for the kitchen to make some scrambled eggs, toast and tea. We buy our eggs in an 18-pack, they don’t last long. We had 3 left in the 18-pack and a full carton left in the fridge. I don’t know why I decided that it made sense to make all 3 remaining eggs for myself. It was definitely a sport to get them all down. Maybe I added too much milk to my mixture. What does milk do, anyway for eggs? Taste good, that’s all I know.

P.S. — I use this Roasted Red Pepper Aioli stuff on everything. Salads, Paninis, Eggs, you name it, it’s on there. Apparently it’s a local guy who makes this stuff. Chef Robert Private Stock. I went without these delicious bottles for the WHOLE summer since David’s Gourmet was out of stock. Shame on them for not feeding my addiction. They’re pricey, at nearly $7 a bottle, but I should seriously consider contacting the guy who makes it and buy it in bulk of 12 or something. The stuff doesn’t last long in our kitchen because I use an abundance of it, on everything. I was only there a few weeks ago, bought 3 bottles of it and only 1.5 bottles is left. It’s all in my BELLY. I’ve gotten co-workers hooked on it, and even sent some down to my Mom in Newfoundland, during the winter last year. Though, I haven’t heard if she liked it or not. Mom, do you?

Sorry about the useless ingredient list. I swear it’s in English. My triathelete of a boyfriend has no issue with the ingredients and doesn’t see any harm in me downing a bottle of it in a week, so it mustn’t have anything too bad in it for me. ;)

Later on this afternoon I think I’m going to head out to Sport Chek and get my new Zoot’s exchanged for another size. I was disappointed to see that their sizing isn’t as accurate as I had hoped. I thought I had tried on Zoot’s in the past while the boyfriend was adding to his triathlon-shoe collection.

In fact! People always ask me how I online shop all the time. I say that I’m a true 8.5 in my shoe, and all shoes fit the same. Except these silly Zoot’s. It’s no biggie. There’s plenty of store locations around me, so exchanging them won’t be an issue.

I can’t believe how chatty I am today. Usually I take a break from blogging on the weekends but clearly not today.

After I ate my breakfast, the Boyfriend requested I make him one too — I had planned on making him a “big breakfast” (usually consists of hash browns, sausages, and eggs) once he got back from his bike ride. But he’s a bit delayed this morning so I made one after I had mine.


Alright. Maybe I’ll go make myself useful now and run around and do some errands. I was thinking of doing a “Day In The Life” blog post, taking photos of everything I do in the run of a day (idea taken from my friend Leanne). I’m just not feeling it today. But would you guys be interested in that?

I have a daily blog, as you guys know (duh). But I find it extremely difficult to blog what happened the same day, or blog each meal/snack and post it online. It’s a lot of photo editing, and writing! Kudos to those who do it. Especially Julie from Peanut Butter Fingers, and Courtney from Sweet Tooth Sweet Life. There ya go. Check out some new blog reads for yourself. I’m sure you’ve heard of them already, but they’re two of my favorite go-to blogs for a daily-in-the-life type of ordeal.

Wow. Long post. Later gaters. But before I go, is anyone interested in vehicle wraps virginia? They’re basically car wraps that you see on race cars. I doubt anyone who reads my blog, races cars. But you never know!

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Not-So Wordless Wednesday

These are MY sports. I enjoy what I do, and luckily it doesn’t ever feel like a chore. This is #MyBetter

  • Climbing: Since 1995— check out my very first belaying card (the white one was my first lead belay)!
  • Soccer: Since I can remember
  • Running: I started up “for real” in 2008/2009
  • CrossFit: Just passed my 1½ year mark
  • Hiking: whenever my boyfriend and I travel out West. 

Speaking of soccer. I’m officially coming out of soccer retirement tonight. I was invited by my CrossFit coaches to play on their new co-ed indoor soccer league this winter. Soccer is the only sport that makes me sick to my stomach nervous (besides signing up for running races), until I get on the field.

I think I’m going to hurl. We got our schedule on Monday and it’s pretty jam-packed from September-March. The reason why I get nervous with soccer, is because I know what I’m capable of, and if I don’t play to my full potential I get annoyed with myself. I know, it sounds so ridiculous and you’d think I’d get over it with time, and sometimes I do. But I haven’t played in about a year and I hope I can show my team mates how I can do, tonight.

How do you stay active?

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