Giorgio Armani Spring 2013


I don’t think I have a favorite for the Spring collections coming out, from Make Up For Ever, YSL and now Giorgio Armani. Seems like a lot of them are going for a somewhat similar look. A few neutrals with some fun added color to keep the interest.

Giorgio-Armani-001I’ve always been a huge fan of neutrals, therefor I have no qualms about it being in palettes as I find them more wearable and fool-proof for those that don’t wear eye shadow on a regular basis (ahem, me.). Then I can take a dip into the brighter colors when I feel like stepping out of my eyeshadow-comfort-zone.

I was talking with Arianne from Glitter Geek about the Giorgio Armani Maestro foundation, since I’m on the hunt for another new one. Aren’t we always searching for the next best thing? I still love my Bobbi Brown one, but at the same time I’m looking out for another great one to use. Just in case that one gets discontinued like my old Laura Mercier one did. Anyway, Arianne was saying that it’s very velvety and blends instantly. Sephora at the Eaton Centre has it, so I’ll try a little sample of it next time I’m in to see if I would fork over my money for it.

Giorgio-Armani-foundationGiorgio came out with “Face Fabric” in three new shades. Great packaging. I love either squeeze tube foundation or ones with a pump. The foundation I’m using right now is in a glass jar without a pump. I would appreciate a pump with every foundation especially if it’s considered high end. It bothers me that I almost always pour out too much onto the back of my hand in the mornings when I’m tired and getting ready for my day. At least, I assume it’s a squeeze tube from the look of it….

Giorgio-Armani-blushesThe blush also comes in a nice little squeeze tube, which will most definitely create a nice little glow on your cheeks as opposed to a powder blush. Cream blushes are my favorite types of blushes to wear due to me having dry skin, I want something hydrating on my face, rather than powdery.

Have you ever tried Giorgio Armani products?

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Ready for the holidays

Can it be Christmas time already? I’m patiently waiting here.

Fun fact: I used to wake up on Christmas Eve morning hoping Santa came early to our house. He never did.

While the Canadian thanksgiving feels like forever ago, the American one is coming right up. I feel like I should get ready to put my winter snow tires on, and wake up one morning with light white fluffy stuff falling from the sky. I promise I’ll only like it the first few snow falls, then I’ll get over it in a hurry, wishing I was basking in the sun, somewhere down south.

As you can tell, I’m so ready for the holidays. I put up my adorable (yet huge) nutcracker, and miniature (how fitting, right?) glass Christmas tree up at work last Friday. Oh, and I have most of my Christmas presents purchased already, with the exception of a few family members. Did that just make you sick? Sorry. I shop all year round, and keep a list of what I want to buy, or what I have already purchased in an e-mail draft in my Gmail account. I. Know.

So all of these holiday collections are coming out, and Make Up For Ever is just another one with some fabulous products to buy for yourself, or get for a girlfriend. Of course, it’s limited edition and the great part about that is it’s usually cheaper to buy the kit than it is to buy everything individually.

Make Up For Ever Holiday 2012 All Eyes On You is sold at Sephora for $65 CAD / $59 USD.

The All Eyes On You kit includes a lot of the top selling products by Make Up For Ever, including my very favorite mascara of all time. All. Time. you guys. Smokey lash. I think I picked up three extra’s at the last Sephora VIB 20% off days. THREE. As in back ups. I’m good for a year now. Have you not tried it yet? It’ll make your eye lashes about 4 inches long and people will ask if you’re wearing falsies.

This set contains:

  • HD High Definition Powder ($18 CDN)
  • Aqua Cream in 16 Pink Beige $26
  • Aqua Eyes Waterproof eyeliner pencil in Mat Black 0L $20
  • Aqua Eyes Waterproof eyeliner pencil in Dark Grey 21L   $20
  • Smoky Lash Extra Black Mascara $25

An $109 value for $65. Guys, save yourself the forty bucks and go buy it!

Anyway, I’m not a regular user of eye liner pencils, because I’m lazy in the mornings and I don’t see anyone at work but a few co-workers. So when I do get fancy I break out my $6 covergirl twist up liner. The Make Up For Ever one was a comfortable application and I didn’t have to go over my eye endless times, and there was no dragging on the delicate eye area. The pencil itself was very soft and I chose to wore the soft charcoal color on this look below.

Before and After. Love the soft pink on my eyelids! Plus, the grey liner is a nice touch on the lash line as it’s not too harsh, and very easy to work with as it glides on.

Closeup and after pic.

I also filmed a YouTube video yesterday on the re-creating the easy eye look.

Such an easy look to re-create. Just three steps. Apply the aqua cream onto your lids, then add the pencil close to your eyelash line, and add mascara! This is my second aqua cream and it almost feels more silkier to apply. Perhaps my other one is a little dried out now that it’s almost six months old.

This is not a sponsored post. I was sent the holiday kit free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion.

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Wishlist: Bobbi Brown everything


One of my all time favorite high end products to use on my face is Bobbi Brown cosmetics. I blogged about their Holiday 2012 collection a few months ago, and now I’ve created a wish list for myself, of Bobbi Brown cosmetics. Hey, it’s getting close to Christmas. No harm in creating a list now is there? :)

Bobbi Brown Extra Eye Repair Cream ($68 USD/ $75 CAD). Huge fan of this thick, luxurious eye cream and I don’t mind spending the money on it. My jar of it ran out a few weeks ago and I just haven’t gone to Holt Renfrew in Toronto to pick another one up. My jar ended up lasting me seven months. A good investment I say, at just $10/month for it! They sell other Bobbi Brown cosmetics inside Sephora stores, but not the eye repair cream. I may not even wait for Christmas to get this, because it’s such a great moisturizer. I used it twice a day under and around my eyes. It’s a great base underneath under eye concealer as well since it doesn’t get my makeup crepey or flaky. Available at Holt Renfrew, or Bobbi

Bobbi Brown 24k Shimmer Brick. This product is limited edition, but Bobbi Brown always comes out with some great shimmer bricks. I’m always swatching them when I’m inside Holt Renfrew. It’s a lust-after product by yours truly. I’m a huge fan of skin care over makeup, but when it comes to makeup I’m all about foundations, and making your skin look the best possible. Having this shimmer brick adds a little glow to the cheeks. It’s perfect for all year round. Glowy skin doesn’t have to be just for the summer time! You can buy it on Sephora’s website for a limited time.

Bobbi Brown Extra Soothing Balm. I love diverse products and would love to give this product a try. I hadn’t heard of it until recently when I was on Bobbi Brown’s website and scoped out the Extra Skincare line. Love that you can use it on your cuticles (mine are always so gross looking, unfortunately and I literally need to put cuticle oil on them a few times per week), your heels (!!!), and even on your cheeks for a glow. Sign me up… I wonder if it’s available in Canada?

This is not a sponsored post.. psh, I wish it was. It’s just a wish list of mine!


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