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Blasts from the past

I’m recycling old posts today, blasts from the past if you will.

Collecting posts that had a lot of hits and views on the good ol’ blog that I think may be of some value to new readers who haven’t had the chance to look through them. I’ve categorized them into beauty, fitness and general blogging tips.

—  Beauty posts —



Dior Nail Lacquers

Looking for the perfect pink nail polish? Grab the Dior Tra-La-La nail polish that launched this spring.

Make Up For Ever cream blush

Make Up For Ever launched a universal cream blush that will suit any skin tone. I use cream blushes all year round, but they are especially perfect for summer to achieve a healthy glow on the apples of your cheeks.


Self-tanning routine

A walk-through on how to use at home self-tanners without turning orange.


Are epilators worth the pain?

I took it to the test. First shaving, then I got into waxing. How do I feel about epilators using little tweezers to pluck individual hairs out at an alarming pace?

— Fitness posts —


Nancy archesHow I became a rock climber

The history of my 19 years and counting, climbing hobby.

paleo-burger-n-friesWhy I gave up paleo

I completed a 30 day paleo challenge at my local CrossFit box. Won first place for accomplishing the most. 10 pounds gone on my small frame, yet I gave it up. Why?

Alberta CanadaAccomplished Fitness Milestones

Rock Climbing, CrossFit, Hiking the rockies — these are a few of my accomplished fitness milestones.

lululemon-vs-costcoLululemon vs. Costco workout clothing

Are we paying through the nose for a brand name, or are we paying for quality?

— Blogging tips —


STAPLES Upholstered Leather ChairHow to stay organized when you have a blog

Have a schedule, know when to photograph, de-clutter your workspace and more key points about staying organized.

YSL Spring 2014Taking blog photos indoors

Sometimes it’s chilly, or windy outside and you’re only free one day a week to take blog photos. Make the most out of it with knowing how and when to take your blog photos.

out-with-old-in-with-newBranding and Blog Re-Design

Constructive criticism was difficult to hear, but it made me evaluate the look of my blog. I redesigned it in April, 2014.

I’ll be taking the remainder of the week off from blogging as I’ll be attending the BlogHer’14 conference in San Jose from July 24-26. I’ll be back early next week with a recap or two.

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San Francisco’s Blog Party: Recap

the Blog Party attendeesOn Friday evening Jessica and I drove to San Francisco for the Blog Party event that Jamie had organized for 30 bloggers. I wasn’t too sure what to except when I went there, but I knew I had to attend to meet more bloggers around the area. So glad I did, it was such a fun time.

Social Print Studio loftThe event was hosted at Social Print Studio, in this fantastic loft. A Graphic Designer’s dream (ahem).

Social Print Studio bikesA commuters bike rack decorated with taxidermy.

Social Print Studio pupThe resident dog was pretty chilled out. I swear his head was the same size as Alfie’s entire body. He was a sweetie, playing with his santa hat toy.

Social Print Studio had a sweet set up where they let us print our instagram pictures using the hashtag #spsblogparty from this crazy fun printer. Here’s a few of our prints.

Food was incredible, thanks to Andrea from Bakin’ Bit (love the name). Blog Party Bakin Bits Catering

Look at all the salsa! I’ve never eaten so much guac in my life, couldn’t get enough of it.Bakin Bits Catering Blog Party

It was the first time I met Jamie, and the other bloggers. Most of them were from the Bay Area, but Suzanna drove two hours to get to the event, from beautiful Monterey. Reminds me of the days I commuted to Toronto for blog-events, however it wasn’t as far as she travelled.

Blog-Party-sponsorsAs the evening drew to an end, there were a few awesome door prizes such as letter–pressed business cards (!!!) kindly donated from Lilikoi Design — definitely going to use them once I figure out a logo for my website (or use the one in the banner that I created a few months ago), and create some business cards.

Blog Party boxEach blogger received a fun box to take home with us.


From all the photographers, fitness & beauty bloggers, and artists there were so many creative people at Blog Party. I have to say I’m itching to get painting again after talking to a few of them. I regret throwing away all my acrylic paints (to be honest they were dried up because they didn’t get loved).

Blog Party Bloggers in San FranciscoMeet Carla, Jessica, Jessica (Buddy, we have to do a collab together on makeup and beauty products at some point. Let’s.) and well, you know who I am.

Jessica Nancy Blog PartyJessica and I.

katie nancyIn this picture, Katie and I swapped purses — mainly because I eyed up her Tory Burch purse as soon as she walked in. Katie has good taste when it comes to handbags, let me tell ya. If you’re into calligraphy (who isn’t?!), check out her site. Reminds me of the days I watched my Dad practice writing it.

Social Print Studio bathroom selfieBathroom selfie.

I really loved Kait’s shoes that she wore to the party. Carla & Sarah, excited to see you at BlogHer. “Saving the best for last” oh Christine. So nice to meet, chat and laugh with you. And so many more other bloggers, that I’ve swapped business cards with. Happy to re-connect with a few familiar faces later on this month as a handful of the bloggers I met on Friday will be at the BlogHer conference.

Social Print Studio teeThanks to Social Print Studio the comfortable tee’s, and Jamie for pulling off a fabulous Blog Party.

We all received photos from the talented Simone Anne Lang, as she shared them with us through drop box. Photos below by Simone Anne of We Are

SimoneAnne-3508 SimoneAnne-3576SimoneAnne-3614 SimoneAnne-3610 SimoneAnne-3490 SimoneAnne-3399 SimoneAnne-3428

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Thinking Out Loud Thursday #4

Golden Gate Park picnic1. Jessica, her two sons and I went to Golden Gate Park yesterday for a picnic. It was gorgeous. Turtles piling up on one another, senior citizens playing with remote control sail boats, and freshly made sandwiches. It was a perfect little afternoon.

World Market candle2. I originally bought this gardenia scented candle for the basket to give to house guests, but since they didn’t use it — I took it upon myself to simply burn it, because who knows when the next house guest will come by? I’m not a huge candle burner – and still have a candle that is half full which is over 8 years old. But something about this scent and the packaging, makes me want to burn it all day long. I’ve been lighting it for 3 days and it’s quarter of the way down. A little pricey, at $10 from World Market, but you can always snag it for a better price with their coupons. Man, it’s great. Kind of reminds me of a Diptique knockoff, don’t you think?

J Crew Anya Suede Ballet Flats3. I have three pairs of Anya Suede Ballet flats from J.Crew outlet/factory. I bought two pairs when I went to the outlets with my sister-in-law, spotted a turquoise colour there too but they didn’t have my size. Christina blogged about J.Crew factory having a sale, so… I bought them in that turquoise colour. Oops. Overboard. They look nice with a tan though, I couldn’t help myself.

4. I should update you on my self-tanning routine. It’s my most popular post to date, and is really outdated because I use a mixture of tanners now. I’ve been applying self-tanner once a week for the past few months, considering I never get dark if I’m in the sun at all. Pure burn, is all I do. It’s that Canadian skin of mine.

5. BlogHer14 is a few short weeks away. I flew to San Diego California for BlogHer11 while living in Canada, and enjoyed myself. I wasn’t considering going to the BlogHer again, mainly due to the price of the ticket — but how can I not, when the conference is literally a 10 minute drive down the highway? Who else is going? Show of hands, please.

6. I must be so noticeably inflexible on my right side, that when I was doing yin yoga a few days ago the instructor came over to me asking if I was in pain. No ma’am, I’m not. I just can’t move my body in the ways the rest of the class does. It’s so strange, because my left side I can do anything with, but the right side just stays right where it is. Doesn’t want to move in any peculiar ways.

Tone It Up Gym bag7. I’m excited to go climbing with Ellen again today. It’s been weeks since we have a top rope session in together. Funny, because I mentioned I wouldn’t be able to squeeze in any climbs while my sister-in-laws were visiting, but somehow a day opened up and I bolted at the chance to boulder for an hour or so. It was such short notice, I didn’t bother to e-mail Ellen. Low and behold, she was at the climbing gym lifting weights. She didn’t bring any climbing gear, nor did I bring my harness. Gah! At least today we get to climb some walls.

Have you ever been to a blogging conference?

How often do you burn candles? What is your favourite candle scents?

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