Dior Milky Dots Collection: 5 Couleurs palettes

The two Dior 5 Couleurs palettes that came out with the new Milky Dots Summer 2016 collection are quite different from one another. After showing you a get ready with me, the Dior summer 2016 collection, I am now going to give you guys a few up close swatches of the two palettes — be sure to check below for these in action on my YouTube channel, and see the two palettes applied on my friend, Zoe!

bain-de-mer366 Bain de Mer

bain-de-mer-swatch366 Bain de Mer swatches

escapades536 Escapade

escapades-swatch536 Escapade swatches 

5 Couleurs Polka Dots ($73 CDN / $63 USD)
Eye palettes will not be available at Sephora.

You’d think the 366 Bain de Mer with those bright blues would be out of people’s comfort zone, I think they’re easily to apply and incorporate into a playful summer look with a bit of subtle colour added to the lower lash line, since the palette comes with mainly neutrals.

While I love my neutral eyeshadow palettes, especially the champagne colour on the far right (escapade swatch) I might have to tell you to pick up the Bain de Mer palette if you were being choosy. You can create and be playful with those blues and soft easy to wear shades everyone seems to gravitate towards. I mean, BLUE?! Have a time with it! I bet it’d look fantastic on brown eyes (ahem, I have blue — but I think it still works!). If you want to pick them up — get’em while they’re still available. They’re limited edition!

See them both in action on my YouTube video, or my step-by-step tutorial with photos. Or, for a different makeup look, see my pal Zoe wear the two eyeshadow palettes on her blog!

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Disclosure: Dior products were sent for review.

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Dior Summer 2016 Collection: Milky Dots

Milky-Dots-headerThe only difficult part of receiving pr samples from brands is that we get the parcel a few days/weeks before it launches, and cannot post about it until a certain day comes around.

Closed-OpenWell my friends: THAT DAY HAS COME. I can finally post about the glorious Dior Summer 2016 collection: Milky Dots. And that is a happy early birthday gift to me, right then and there. Hooooowee. It’s going to be another DIOR WEEK, with tomorrow featuring a “How-To” makeup tutorial, walking you through most of this collection and other Dior items to create a summery glow.

Summer-2016-DiorI am loving everything from this collection since all the colours are right up my avenue (switch it up a bit, who likes scary ally-ways anyway?). I’ll start with my favourites first, because why save the best for last (others may disagree). Eat your dessert first, yo. Peter Philips, the image director for Dior Makeup has come up with this collection where sand tones and milky shades mix the vibrancy of an ultra-pigmented palette.

Dior Vernis 003 Plumetis Dior Vernis 003 Plumetis 

Dior Vernis 002 Confettis Dior Vernis 002 Confettis 

Colour and Dots Manicure Kit ($38 CDN / $31 USD)
Manicure kits will not be available at Sephora. 

Add some fun polka dots to the nails to express your style. Shown are two out of the three Colour & dots manicure kits in 001 Pastilles, and 002 Confettis, and 003 Plumetis. While the manicure kit polishes look smaller than the regular polishes, there’s only 3ml in the difference. These colour and dot manicure kits come with 7ml worth of product (regular size Dior polish is 10ml).


colour-and-dots-mani-kit2This combo makes you look super tan when you’re still wintery-white. I’m not entirely sure which one is my favourite combo, this cherry red/coral with melon polka dots, or the lavender plum with azalea pink polka dots.


Dior Addict Milky Tint ($43 CDN / $35 USD)

A little burst of freshness from Milky Kisses! Heavenly. If you’ve seen my snapchat from a month or so back, I am loving a natural nude-look to the lips and have a high end and affordable layered together to create a perfect every day glossy look. The two colours I have are in the shades Milky Peach, and Milky Pastel.

Dior Addict Lip Maximizer ($41 CDN / $33 USD)

Plump those smoochable lips baby. Available in 1 shade, 006 Beige Sunrise, the dior addict lip maximizer will add plumpness to your lips and leave a minty flavour with tingling sensation after application. Yes, it’s an expensive product to purchase but the results are quite worth the price tag. The lip maximizer is a collagen-active lip gloss that you can also pair under lipsticks and other glosses because of how sheer it is, and how smooth the texture of the gloss itself is. The colour shown above is in shade 006 Beige Sunrise.

Diorskin Nude Air Summer Glow 001

Diorskin Nude Air Summer Glow ($68 CDN / $56 USD)

In the one and only shade, 001 Summer Glow, this golden undertoned highlighter will give your skin a perfectly glowy look to go with your soon-to-be summery bronzed skin. I mean, you’re basically all ready for summer with this! See it in action on the blog, here tomorrow!

Dior 5 Couleurs Polka Dots 366 Bain De Mer366 Bain de Mer

Dior 5 Couleurs Polka Dots 536 Escapade536 Escapade

5 Couleurs Polka Dots ($73 CDN / $63 USD)
Eye palettes will not be available at Sephora.

Two palettes available from the Dior Milky Dots Summer Collection, 366 Bain de Mer, and 536 Escapade. Love that there’s a totally fun palette with blues, and then a one for the conservative people (like myself) in perfectly warm bronzey nude tones. I use both eyeshadow palettes in my tutorial tomorrow!

Come back tomorrow for a fresh glowy makeup tutorial, featuring most products shown in this post! But make sure you come back every day this week, it’s Dior week where I’m posting all day everyday Dior. Exciting! Or if you want to see them all in action right now, watch my YouTube video I posted this morning.

Dior-Summer-2016Dior Summer Look 2016: Milky Dots will be out on counters May, 2016.

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Indigena Skincare (Made in Newfoundland!)

Indigena NewfoundlandA few months ago, I was invited to check out Indigena, a local skincare provider made in Newfoundland!

I made the short drive down to the town of Torbay and I can only presume the owner gets her inspiration from the views outside her window. All you could see was ocean, it was incredible. I know that the owner hunts for her product right on the rocky beach sides, gathering supplies and then making her products straight from the source. You can read more about Indigena here.

My sister-in-law is right into skincare products the same as I am, so I brought her along with me.

map-and-scrubIf I had to take a wild guess, I would assume the yummy smelling Blueberry Bliss sugar scrub is their #1 seller. The aroma of fresh blueberries fills the room once you open up the top. It is however, a premium product and will cost you quite a penny for the full sized (shown in this post). The Bake Apple Bliss is even more pricey. Yikes! So use sparingly or use during a special occasion. Knowing that you’re using all natural and cruelty free products that we can all actually pronounce is a wonderful thing. The scrubs are abrasive, but they are gentle enough to use a few times per week.

HelperLike any scrub, you can use it on every inch of your body (scoop out a small bit using the sea shell provided, and scrub your lips with it!). I primarily use it for exfoliation when I want to prep my skin to do a self-tan routine.

I’m excited to scope out the other goodies Indigena has. I love lathering myself in body butters when I get out of the shower, since I’m forever prone to dry skin. I think it’d be a nice product to use, and why not support local when you can?

If you’re local to St. John’s, Newfoundland you can pick up Indigiena products at Lester’s Farm.

Indigena-body-scrubsDisclaimer: I was given complimentary Indigena products. However, I was not asked to write a review about the products, these are my honest opinions. 

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