Not parting with my money

I’m not one for getting into the online casino fiasco myself, but I know a lot people that I used to work with in a internet marketing company who used to win tons of money and “live the good life” so to speak. I don’t know if I have ever envied them or if I was just stunned how they didn’t lose money while gambling constantly. I can’t have the stress of perhaps losing my rent for the month. When my Boyfriend had triathlons down in Niagara Falls we used to spend the latter part of the afternoon, and evening walking around the city and of course scoped out some casinos. I had never been inside one before and I was glossy eyed and smiley, and giddy. As naive as this is going to sound:  Casinos actually look the same as they do in the movies.

They’ll never take my money though. But apparently the online casino’s has a ratings guide to the best online casinos, poker rooms and gaming sites on the web. Huh. Neat.

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OOTD & Foundation review


Ugh. Poorly laid out images on this website. My apologies. But I wanted to do a two in one sort of post. One, Outfit of the Day (and evening, by the second one!) Then a blog post on a Walmart find / makeup review!

First things first. In the first photo I am wearing the most comfiest thing I have ever purchased from Abercrombie and that’s the babydoll shirt that I bought in 2006 or so. Holding up pretty good too, no holes yet! I paired it with some pin strip pants (navy) along with my XX1 necklace and J Crew sweater (obviously my new staple in my wardrobe. Should have purchased a few back ups, huh?)

Next. My RIMMEL London Lasting Finish foundation. I ended up buying this on a whim because I was a bit jealous that my boyfriend was buying something fun — a video game. I decided to take my shopping cart and head to the beauty section to find something for myself, I didn’t know what at the time. But there was a clearance section with two miniature sized bottles of foundation and (what I thought was) cream (but it ended up being foundation primer that is sort of pink(!). Whatever, it was $6.00 on clearance so I bought it.

When I first got into makeup I headed straight for the expensive stuff and didn’t even bother to go to the drug store. I had no idea what I was doing so I left it up to the hands of the Clinique people. That was, until I started getting some nasty bumps on my face where I then switched to MAC products. Well, MAC is kind of expensive and I’m sort of bored with it at the moment. So I decided to maybe try and save myself some money.

I don’t know how to color match myself, so I went with a wild guess and decided to buy the color “103 True Ivory”. (I’m a MAC NW20 in the winter and  NW25 summer (I mix the two colors now because it’s transitioning into Winter and I’m not exactly NW20 yet). But I gotta say, for my first time picking out any makeup for myself I think I did exceptionally well.

The first photo is of me at the end of a work day, where I touch my face a lot (bad habit, I know). And the second picture is right after I applied the RIMMEL stuff. Looks pretty decent. I didn’t have it on my face for very long as I tried this right as I was about to go to bed. But I’ve been using it for about 3 weeks on a daily basis and I have to say that I’m probably going to re-purchase it when I run out and probably never wear MAC again. It’s incomparable — $7 foundation that covers just as well if not better because the liquid mineralize satin finish foundation is minimal coverage which is build-able but that means more product is being used, and for 3x the price of a drug store brand.

Sorry MAC — I give up on your foundations, for now.

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