Etsy envy

Etsy is my favorite place to look for gifts, before heading out to local malls and shops. On days that I’m bored I just window-shop online and figure out birthday gifts and next year’s Christmas gifts. It’s a bit insane to be that early for Christmas, but at least it’s fun and you can really truly find something that would fit your friend/family member to a tee. You can even e-stalk some of the etsy shops online and wait until they have a sale or free shipping as a lot of them aren’t even located in the same country you are. Mind you, some of the sellers I’ve dealt with have incredibly fast shipping times and I’m amazed that it gets to me in the same week that I ordered something.

TIP: Click all images to bring you to the shop, too!

If I was to buy for someone with a green thumb (unlike myself, as I kill the easiest plants to look after, unfortunately) I’d go over to CocoHoney and have a glance at the miniatures growing. Maybe I wouldn’t end up killing it? I think this would be super sweet.


I know a few great photographers around, and Nelly Bean Co‘s etsy shop is so fantastic. Wouldn’t the below ‘pea’ be such an adorable prop for two best friends who  had their babies around the same time — buy two of these “two peas in a pod” tpe thing? Except one baby per pod, defeating the original statement. Whatevs. It’s cute, right? Totally would get that if I was into photographing babies.


As for clothing, there’s a lot of talent to choose from when browsing on Etsy.

Like some felted fine merino wool? Shop at sandmaiden located in Seattle. I actually bought this sweater wrap from her a few days ago, you can also have it custom made if certain sizes don’t fit you! I’m just waiting for the turn around and shipment and I can’t wait to receive it! Isn’t it … sexaay?wool

Since I won’t be allowed to run til spring, I’ve been coveting the ‘I Enjoy Running’ tee from Fire Daughter Clothing shop. Even to wear as a warmup while going to head into the gym. I can at least eye the treadmills while sitting behind on the bike machine, right?


Getting out of the clothing section…Want to be the Alpha in the home with your dog? Why not embarrass the poor thing with a dino suit jumper for Halloween? That poor pup looks so angry, but I can’t help but laugh and want one for my Alfie in October. Yes/Yes? MiPooch sells them for $30.


I’m a huge fan of gorgeious unique looking leather purses. I’m not a fan of Coach because of their “C”‘s displayed all over the purse, or Louis Vuitton logos – too much bragging or bling to be honest. I’m more a fan of plain leather purses with a nice design. Morelle‘s purses caught my eye, all the way from Greece. I’m eyeing a handful from her collection.


Another talented purse designer has got to be mentioned: ZhenUN Leathers has got a copious amount of luxurious handmade leather purses at a reasonable price. This etsy seller is located in freaking way cool Bangkok and I’ve had this green purse added to my favorites list for a month or so now. I’m saving up money in my PayPal to purchase it.


Have a friend that’s a huge fan of monkeys? For their birthday or … next Christmas (heh heh) why not get them something to commemorate it by a tissue holder from Monkey Travel Club


…or even a key chain from Leather Prince?


And finally, maybe your mother likes necklaces. Give her the key to your heart. Or something lame like that. Key necklaces are pretty popular right now which I bought from CasCreatives three times already! One of which I sent to Erin as a thank you present. Aren’t they sweet? They’re SO tiny.


There’s some talented graphic designers (ahem, like myself – if I had an etsy shop!) that work with letterpress and create some fab cards. I’ve already bought a stack of birthday, thank you and happy holiday cards from so many etsy sellers. But one I find myself going back to is The Paper Peony for all sorts of occasions!


Finally, if you’re a tea or coffee drinker — shop Mudpie2. I found some gorgeous custom mugs available on their shop. I want!mug

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Cover Your Hair

A new year, a new giveaway!

How many times in a week, do you wash your hair? I have to wash it every single day or I’ll look like a grease-head, doesn’t mean I do though. Weekends are the best. I wish I had thicker hair for that reason — not washing, styling and blow drying it every darn day.

Did you know that baby powder rubbed into your hair gets rid of the grease? I’ve tried it once but my hair is so thin, it lacked body regardless if I put product in it. So into the shower  it was, for me.

Getting to the main topic:  I was sent a product to review from Cover Your Hair’s website and personally, the purple beret that I received is so cute! I actually saw someone at Starbucks on the weekend wear the exact same one that I had. Unknowingly if it’s from cover your hair, or not. I kind of look like a little paper boy from the 30’s! Hee hee.  I know so many ladies who love this style hat, and I have great plans. Linda shipped it to me from New Jersey, and it arrived in just 8 days. It  came pretty fast seeing as I got it when the huge Christmas rush was on. Linda was really easy to work with too, and she was thrilled that I suggested I do a giveaway on my website promoting Cover Your Hair.

Yep. That’s right … a giveaway!

Cover Your Hair is letting me hold a contest here on my website and they will offer the winner a free $25 box of surprise hair accessories. How fun is that? I thought that was super nice of them, plus my international readers are eligible to win. Even if you don’t win, there are some neat finds on their website like the flower pony tail holder, or even feather clips to go in your hair — which would look awesome if you’re dressing up for Halloween (a wee bit late on that, but planning ahead never hurts.)  Okay, let’s get to it you guys!!

Simply visit and write in the comments which items you would love to have. Easy peasy right?

Remember, I must be able to contact you easily though, so please leave your e-mail address. If the winner does not respond within 72 hours, another name will be chosen. You must enter by Tuesday January 12, 11:59PM EST. I will do the draw on either Wednesday, or Thursday. The winner will be selected through

If you want to enter multiple times (for twittering and such) each entry has to be on a separate comment. 1 comment = 1 entry, 4 comments = 4 entries.

  1. Join Cover your Hair’s Google Friend Connect
    Go to and click “Join this site”, in the Google Friend Connect box.
  2. Follow Cover Your Hair on networked blogs
    Go to and click “Follow this blog” on the Networked Blog box.
  3. Follow Cover Your Hair on twitter:
  4. Subscribe to Cover Your Hair’s blog feed
  5. Adding to your blog roll
  6. Tweeting “@spiffykerms is giving away $25 surprise pkg from @coveryourhair! Visit:

Good luck!

PS: You enter two more comments if you (for example) tweeted the contest, and followed the site. Go ahead and add another comment to this entry!

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Mum & Bebé


Clearly you all know that I don’t have children of my own. But I have an abundance of pregnant friends, or friends that have just given birth to beautiful babes. This all means, that I’ve been going to quite a few baby showers and have been on the hunt for a different gift for each friend.

It’s really difficult to find something nice that momma and baby will enjoy. I stumbled upon a gorgeous baby gifts website called: Bebé Dulce which is a unique store catering to newborns, babies and mothers. Best of all? It is all home made in Aspen Colorado by the talented woman herself, Claire. She is so creative coming up with new ideas, specifically the peek-a-boo clips which is exactly what you think it is “hooter hiders” hee hee! I contacted Claire asking if she’d like to work with me on promoting her shop on my website and she definitely agreed!

So. Get this: Feeding a baby out in public and don’t exactly want to flash strangers your stuff? There’s this neat invention; a clip that you attach to the feeding blanket, and I suppose on to your t-shirt as well, securing the blanket in place so when baby moves while feeding it doesn’t get bumped off and *shazam* your boobies are on display. Not a fun thing to happen to any woman. That’s available on her website if you go check it out.

Bebé Dulce also has some gift ideas for the Momma’s out there too, take a look at the Body Relaxation Products and sweet birthstone necklaces. Adorable! Plus, now that Christmas is in just a few short days,  so why not get your little loved ones or Mothers you know, a thing or two from this shop? Or if you’re in the United States she has 22 stores across the country that sell her items!

IMG08851Best yet, my readers and future winners will get to enjoy a free baby blanket! Winners get to choose their blanket color: Blue or Pink. Isn’t that great? What a terrific warm and cozy giveaway, and imagine how soft it is. Just take my word on it — it’s incredible, as you can see from the snapshot, I couldn’t stop touching it. As you all know this is my first giveaway, and I’m so thrilled to be working with Claire. I am extactic that she wanted me to feature the Lovey Blankets on my website.

I received this blanket just a few days before Christmas and since I’m heading home to Newfoundland, the blankets won’t be mailed out until after Christmas Day.

Things you may want to read before entering:
1. What is your favorite item listed on Bebé Dulce?
2. I must be able to contact you easily. So leave your name/e-mail address please.
3. Tweeting “@spiffykerms is giving away a Bebé Dulce lovey blanket, over at” [Leave a separate comment telling me you’ve done so.]
4. Posting about this giveaway on your blog or website and leaving me a comment telling me you
‘ve done so.
5. If the winner does not respond within 72 hours, another winner will be chosen.

6. Enter by Monday December 28, 11:59PM EST. [I will do the draw on either Tuesday, if not Wednesday.]
Winners will be selected through
8. Entries are limited to Canada and United States only.

Good luck! :)

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