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Ugh. Poorly laid out images on this website. My apologies. But I wanted to do a two in one sort of post. One, Outfit of the Day (and evening, by the second one!) Then a blog post on a Walmart find / makeup review!

First things first. In the first photo I am wearing the most comfiest thing I have ever purchased from Abercrombie and that’s the babydoll shirt that I bought in 2006 or so. Holding up pretty good too, no holes yet! I paired it with some pin strip pants (navy) along with my XX1 necklace and J Crew sweater (obviously my new staple in my wardrobe. Should have purchased a few back ups, huh?)

Next. My RIMMEL London Lasting Finish foundation. I ended up buying this on a whim because I was a bit jealous that my boyfriend was buying something fun — a video game. I decided to take my shopping cart and head to the beauty section to find something for myself, I didn’t know what at the time. But there was a clearance section with two miniature sized bottles of foundation and (what I thought was) cream (but it ended up being foundation primer that is sort of pink(!). Whatever, it was $6.00 on clearance so I bought it.

When I first got into makeup I headed straight for the expensive stuff and didn’t even bother to go to the drug store. I had no idea what I was doing so I left it up to the hands of the Clinique people. That was, until I started getting some nasty bumps on my face where I then switched to MAC products. Well, MAC is kind of expensive and I’m sort of bored with it at the moment. So I decided to maybe try and save myself some money.

I don’t know how to color match myself, so I went with a wild guess and decided to buy the color “103 True Ivory”. (I’m a MAC NW20 in the winter and  NW25 summer (I mix the two colors now because it’s transitioning into Winter and I’m not exactly NW20 yet). But I gotta say, for my first time picking out any makeup for myself I think I did exceptionally well.

The first photo is of me at the end of a work day, where I touch my face a lot (bad habit, I know). And the second picture is right after I applied the RIMMEL stuff. Looks pretty decent. I didn’t have it on my face for very long as I tried this right as I was about to go to bed. But I’ve been using it for about 3 weeks on a daily basis and I have to say that I’m probably going to re-purchase it when I run out and probably never wear MAC again. It’s incomparable — $7 foundation that covers just as well if not better because the liquid mineralize satin finish foundation is minimal coverage which is build-able but that means more product is being used, and for 3x the price of a drug store brand.

Sorry MAC — I give up on your foundations, for now.

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  1. The rimmel primer kinda sucks imo, after trying mac’s prep and prime and gosh primer too. Although I know what you mean by pink, it comes out kinda apricot colour? but it adjusts when you put it on your skin, I just find it did nothing for me. I like the slidey types better, even the revlon beyond natural is okay.

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