Here I come, treadmill!

gym[The gym that I used to attend]

When I switched offices from one city to the one that I live in, I almost immediately went over to the gym that I used to attend (I ‘quit’ in May 2008 because I was bored and unmotivated after 6 months of being a gym-junkie), and asked if I could sign up. I knew that regardless of working in the exact same building as the gym I would get a discount — but not an amazing deal if I called myself a spouse of my boyfriend’s work place. If I told them I worked here at the Financial Institution the cost of a year membership would cost me $440. I personally like to pay upfront because I hate having monthly payments, and I especially hate giving anyone my credit card number for such a long time — they could mess up my payments and I’m not having that hassle. With my Boyfriend’s company I could pay $375 for the year, which is an incredible deal.

I went over and of course I receive a woman that I dealt with in the past who probably doesn’t remember me. But she was definitely not having a sunshiny happy day and didn’t want to give me the spouse deal because it wasn’t January yet. That was about 6 weeks ago.

Well! Have I got some news for HER when I go there this afternoon.

My Boyfriend sent me an e-mail yesterday:

We are pleased to advise you that your 2010 membership forms are ready to be completed at your earliest convenience. blah blah blah. Feel free to bring a coworker, spouse or friend and they can workout for free for the balance of 2009 when they sign for 2010.

AH HA! Got you there, gym-lady-worker!

I look forward to meeting with her, this afternoon.

I’m really excited, because I have literally become a blob. I’m not saying I’m fat. I’m just out of shape right now and my mid-section isn’t as fit as it used to be when I was climbing 5x a week. All I do now is go to soccer once a week and sit on the couch the rest of the days. It’s become a bad habit. Not even new running shoes motivated me, and I purchased them in July! C’mon! It’ll be tough to skip the gym seeing as I have to walk past it every day as the atrium/lobby in the building only has our financial institution, a small cafe/coffee shop and the gym. Personally I’m excited to sign up for the free fitness classes, and run on the treadmill with the TVs.

Get ready, because this blog very well may turn into one of the Healthy Lifestyle blogs. :)

We’ll see what time brings…

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  1. Hey, good luck getting back to the gym! I used to go to 2x a week when i was just studying (not including the volleyball). Now, i mostly go on saturdays. Whenever i can i also run at the beach.

  2. This is what I’ve been wanting to get started on lately. Joining a gym. I just don’t have time honestly, or I wouldn’t make time. Kudos to you!! Have fun!

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