It started young

Apparently my candy addiction started young. I have no idea how old I was when I wrote this(I may have been still young enough to be in one of those naturepedic classic crib mattresses, who knows). But it’s pretty ridiculous.I know Janae from Hungry Runner Girl will appreciate this. She’s a candy girl after my own heart. Wait, that doesn’t make sense. She loves candy. I love candy. We’d be BFF’s.

P.s: I still have a secret stash of troll dolls stored in my watch collection box.

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A birthday gift to my nephew

Back in July I ordered my nephew a treasure chest for his 6th birthday (see the blog post). The treasure chest was shipped directly to my parents house in Newfoundland, from the seller. Then I started accumulating goodies for my nephew to go inside the box.

I didn’t take many photos of the contents, but I did take a picture of the scroll (aka “Birthday card”) once I was finished with it all. I stained it with tea, burned the edges and glued some sticks onto it to make it a real scroll. I sent that parcel down to my parents for my Mom to assemble it for me, and not everything I bought, fit inside but here is all of the little goodies inside for my nephew.

How adorable, right!?

The homemade treasure chest: Caenneth on Etsy. Kenneth was a pleasure to deal with and his craftsmanship as a journeyman woodworker with over 10+ years of experience, is incredible. Love this little piece! Read more below to see my nephew’s reaction :)

Red Velvet pouch: Smriti on Etsy (Seller is in India!) The velvet pouches come in a set of 5 and in either red, or blue. Smriti was very kind and great to deal with, we tried our best to get the pouches in time for my nephew’s birthday but I ordered a bit too late, so I was unable to do so. I wanted everything perfect for this treasure chest for my nephew, so I was very patient in getting all of the key items to make it just so! :)

Medieval coin purse: KarenGunnaDesigns on Etsy. Plus the scroll, it’s a little birthday card that I made him. You can see the close up of it below, if you click to enlarge the image.

I blurred out the words, since it was a poem that my Aunt had written to me when I turned six. Now I’m passing the same silly fun poem onto my nephew. Oh I’m getting old, haha!

Kelan’s reaction to his brand new treasure chest! I love how excited he looks.

His favorite part of the gift? The three rocks I grabbed randomly, on a beach one weekend. Go figure.

I gotta say, I think it’s really well done and a pretty cool gift. Man, I’ve got some good ideas ;)

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Happy Father’s Day


Happy Father’s Day Dad!

Dad and I :)

Me, Dad and my Bro-ski.

My Brother’s son, Ruairi. Aka “Knicker Man” (Knickers is a term for underwear in Ireland — they moved to Newfoundland 2yrs ago). This was taken just moments ago back home in Newfoundland and my Mom sent me the photos as soon as she got home. I nearly PEED my pants laughing at the photos.

Hope everyone had/is having a nice Father’s Day evening. Wishing I was in Newfoundland. ♥


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