Little peek of Newfoundland’s scenery

This was taken on King’s Road, in St. John’s. The same street as Moo Moo’s ice cream, for the not-so-locals ;)

Another photo of the same street, different angle.The houses in Newfoundland have always been very colorful. Some of them are completely outrageous colors. Purple houses with lime green trim and a yellow door. The colorful homes have been nick named “Jelly Bean houses”.

Local artists have done paintings showcasing the bright homes. It’s great.

Newfoundland doors. Again, King’s Road.

Cummings Street, St. John’s.

prescot street, St. John'sPrescot Street. You need one foot on the brake and one on the gas when at a stop-light on this street. Seriously lol.

My neighbor was drying some salted cod fish on their clothes line while I was home!

Beautiful St. John’s. That’s me and Alfie right there :)

Bought some treats at the Tilt House Bakery, in Portgual Cove. The person who opened this bakery was the old Auntie Crae’s baker, which shut down a few years ago!

Typical Newfoundland weather RDF/Rain Drizzle ‘n Fog.

Newfoundland is also very windy….

St. John’s Harbour

Our sweet pup, Alfie in the Battery! Yes, we brought him along. He got along quite well this trip. Wasn’t so much of a lunatic as he was last year. Getting calmer in his old age ;) He’ll be three next week!

The Battery, St. John’s.Alfie getting a glimpse of what Newfoundland’s all about :)

Another view of The Battery.

Hope you all enjoyed a little bit of my homeland!

What’s the furthest East you’ve been in Canada?

Have you ever visited Newfoundland?

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Newfoundland: Goodbye until Christmas

It feels, and it has been ages since I blogged last.

I took a much needed break from my website, when I went on vacation back home to Newfoundland. Hope you didn’t miss me too much ;)

I’ve been back on Ontario soil for almost 12 hours. I went to bed last night and woke up at 4am for the 6am flight. Then worked the entire day. Call me a trooper.

I already miss my family, and friends. I didn’t get to hang out with my friends as much as I had hoped. The week just flew by.

I’ll leave you with a few snaps of while I was down home, to tie you me over until my next blog entry ;)

My best friend, Trevor and my Sister-In-Law and I playing around at Sport Chek.

Super fun hand chairs at the Village Mall.

My amazing Daddio and I, out to lunch at Montana’s Cookhouse :)

Alfie and I on a trail walk

Saying good bye to my nephews yesterday. :(

Just look at those faces looking up at me! So hard to say so-long til Christmas.

Until tomorrow… I’ll bombard you with a ton of photos this week. So mark your RSS feed’s as read, if you’re uninterested, haha!

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Fossil found: in Newfoundland!

Hey guys!

I’m right here in Newfoundland today. I’m here for Thanksgiving. Ha! I bet poor ol’ Leanne is jealous that I’m home, getting a good ol’ feed of my Mom’s cookin’.

I like to fly back home as often as I can. Seeing how my Irish family (My Brother married an Irish woman, now my Sister-In-Law and my brother has two Irish sons, and two Irish step sons!)  now lives in Newfoundland. I want them to know who I am, rather than The Aunt that lives far away. So I’m always looking at flights and taking an extra day or two here and there and going home at least 2x/year. I already flew home for the May 24th long weekend, now Thanksgiving and I’ll be back for Christmas.

It’s been a much needed vacation as I was feeling pretty stressed, and I’d rather not give details but I just wanted to say I’m glad I’m taking a week off right now. It was basically perfect timing. Otherwise I would’ve probably had a breakdown, hah! I’m not even kidding.

Anyway. I wanted to point out something that was exciting to me. My Mom sent me this e-mail the other week while I was still in Ontario, but I thought it would be fitting if I blogged about it while I was home.

She was shopping around downtown St. John’s and spotted some Fossil purses and decided to take a few snaps for me.

What she wrote in her e-mail to me, made it even funnier: I found at a shop in Downtown St. John’s yesterday. Some wicked missus. Don’t have to go to T.O. get me a Fossil. LOL” Apparently there’s Fossil purses being sold at Little boutique in the Murray Premises. I don’t know if Little Boutique is the name of the store, or if it’s literally, a little boutique. Either way, cool huh?

Anyway, as you would — I’m having a grand ol’ time here in Newfoundland. I’m constantly posting photos on Twitter and Instagram so follow me there (You can find me under both at @spiffykerms) for more updates!

Until then, Happy Canadian Thanksgiving :)

Gobble gobble gobble, til you wobble!

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