OOTWW + snippits of my week

Heyyyooo. So glad it’s Friday. Also enjoyed that I took most of the week off blogging. I was going hog wild with it for a long time there, sometimes posting twice a day and even on weekends. Unheard of. I think half the reason I got the 10+ day cold was because I was honestly beat out from blogging full time on top of my regular job.

fancy shoesI didn’t photograph any outfits last week because it was a busy week on top of me being sick. I did snap this photo of me while I was organizing the Annual General Meeting at the fancy event site. Look at my new Michael Kors shoes! First time I wore them when I bought them while I was with Leanne. I felt so fancy in those heels and black velvet blazer.

So here’s this weeks outfits of the work week!ootww

crossfit-workout-clothesI got off my lazy butt and started working out again this week. Enough was enough, I was starting to eat candy for breakfast (cadbury cream eggs is not the same as hen eggs… or is it chicken eggs? Whatever), and not working out causes weird sadness and me to be whiney. Not fun for anyone really. When I work out I immediately feel like a power house, and it puts me in an amazing mood. Don’t know why I ever stop to be honest, hah. I guess it’s because I just want a free night, and a free night turns into a glorious free week and so on. The ball kept on rollin downhill you guys! P.S like my polka dot holiday nails?

You’d be happy to know I went to CrossFit twice this week and I’m going again tonight. I’ve been wearing my Mizunos this entire week and they’ve been quite comfy. I love that they didn’t really need to be broken in. I feel so bouncy in them compared to my very flat Nike free’s.

MizunoThis is a shiny new picture of them from when I first received and photographed them. Swoon.

I’ve been listening to Christmas music almost all of the hours that I am awake in the day, since November 30. It’s on in the car, at work, and especially on the internet radio station (the “That Christmas Station” channel is the best) when I’m home. I love Christmas, but I’m a little upset my Broski won’t be home to celebrate it with us. He’ll be working out of province on the oil rigs, unfortunately.

Since I felt like I haven’t blogged all week. Because I haven’t I’d like to tell you some of the things I’ve been enjoying lately. You cool with that?

julie and poutineMy coworker Julie and I met up at the mall after work one night to do a bit of Christmas shopping, then we grabbed a bite at Jack Astor’s.

stacked poutineTheir poutine was unreal. YUM.

Also, how did I not know McDonalds had poutine? Maybe because we don’t have cable TV and never see commercials. But still! I ate a cheeseburger this week from there. They put the entire fixin’s on it though. I like a plain cheeseburger, nothing on it but cheese. It had onions, pickles, moo’tard and ketchup on it. Gross. I wrote them (on the back of my receipt there’s a spot for a survey) and now I get free coupons for even MOAR MCDONALDS. Gah, I love that place.

Fossil furry walletMeanwhile at the mall I stopped into Fossil to check out their goods. Surprise surprise. I picked up this wallet and didn’t know they were making these in WHITE. It’s also on sale. I refrained from buying it because I was Christmas shopping for others. No hand slapping necessary. Ugh, isn’t it adorable.

Joe Fresh robeWhy do I always find stuff I love when I’m shopping for someone other than myself? I need this cute Joe Fresh $20 robe. I think The Guy’s buying it for me for Christmas. Heh.

eyebrow razorHave you ever used one of these? It’s an eyebrow (or anywhere else on your…. face???) razor. I’ve been using it instead of (painful) tweezing. It works like a charm. I buy it at Sallys and I’ve been doing my ‘brows this way since early summer. Can you cut yourself? No idea…. I don’t think so. I mean, I never have. I took this picture to show Julie because I was talking to her about it.

my desk at workMy desk at work is filled with my favorite things. Dior lip balm, Sephora cuticle oil, Ahava hand cream, Living Grace Philosophy perfume sample…. and of course a SANTA MUG!!!! SAAAANTA (Cue the movie Elf)

Tomorrow I finally get to see my bloggy best friend Leanne. I’m going to make the trek to Toronto, and by trek I mean relax on the Greyhound bus til I get there. We meant to meet up two weeks ago, but I had a disgusting hacking cough that was so persistent I couldn’t form a sentence without spitting on someone or something. It was pretty classy.

Stephanie wrote an amazing post yesterday. Do real bloggers still exist? She’s a blogger, but also a PR person by day, so she gets both ends of the spectrum. I agree with her 100%, that people are getting a little unauthentic with their blogs. Out of the 100 posts I do 0.5 of them are paid, and I always mention it. I’m not exaggerating. I wish I got paid, but I dislike asking for compensation in cash, when I already get $100’s of dollars worth of free product. Know what I’m saying? It sounds a little greedy. Why do people have affiliate links in every post? Are you really making enough to have the link there? To be honest I never click on them. What Steph blogged about is everything I want to say.

And that’s all I’m gonna say today. So long all! Have a nice weekend!

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My CrossFit Journal (Year 2 Week 30)

I went to CrossFit once last week. But climbed (bouldered) twice, which was a nice change.

[older crossfit journal entries]


year 2, week 30, day 1

Behind Neck Split Jerk

12 KBS; 24/16kg
200m Run

I ended up using these weights for the behind neck split jerk: 55-60-65-70-75lbs. My neck is definitely sore from cushioning the weight but still slamming it down occasionally. Oof sore.

Then it was time to do the AMRAP 15. I didn’t do the handstand pushups, but did a modified on with my toes on a 24″ box and my butt up in the air. I completed 5 full rounds in the 15min time limit.


I‘m finally starting to climb more than an hour now. It’s funny because I have callouses on my palms from CrossFit, but I need them on my fingers for climbing — so getting them back was a bit difficult and my hands were sore the first few times I climbed this month. Still sticking to bouldering as I haven’t really seen any of my buddies (I go at odd times — like on my lunch break or directly after work).

I have another blog post coming up this morning which is more beauty related. So if you’re interested in that, check back in about a half hour :)

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My CrossFit Journal (Year 2 Week 28)

This isn’t really a CrossFit journal from last week because I ended up at the climbing gym more often than the CrosssFit box. I renewed my monthly membership at the climbing gym because I’ve missed it so much. I’ve only really been bouldering but still building up my endurance on the powerhouses of boulder caves. Just sticking to extremely easy problems and just climbing up and down climbing without stopping until my forearms feel pumped so much I need to jump off the wall.

[older crossfit journal entries]


year 2, week 28, day 1

Even: 3 C2B Pull up + 2 Strict Pull ups
ODD: 30sec V-Out Hold (accumulative hold)

3 Rounds (12min T.L.)
400m Run
21 KB Swings; 24/16kg
21 Box Jumps; 24/20

I did end up ding the Rx for the three rounds but I didn’t end up completing it all in the twelve minutes. I don’t even recall how far I got (definitely in the second round lol) because I failed to write it down. Oops.


Then I climbed two different nights.

Kind of a boring update for my readers, I realize that. But Monday’s are usually like this – to keep myself updated on what I accomplish throughout the weeks. Plus, I can always look back and see what I did from week-to-week and move up in weight at CF if I feel like it. Know what I mean? :)

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