Voluntary anguish

Before I start watch this CrossFit video. My hands are sweating just watching it. I’m sooo glad Ta and J got me involved! I watched the girls last night at their 7pm class while I was waiting for my 8pm one to start. The girls got some crazy muscles going on, and my jaw literally was open and dropped when I watched T lift weights heavier than she was. I had to stop looking because I think I was making her laugh with my jaw dropped. lol.

INSANE, right!!!?????? LOVE IT.

Two guys run the business so the second crossfit class I went to, I had the other guy. Let me tell you, they certainly know how to push you. The guy this time was super hilarious and swore. Which usually catches me off guard. I mean, I’m used to it since my Boyfriend swears a lot… but this guy was explaining the wrong and right way to do this push press and said “It’ll effin’ hurt if you don’t do it like this.” I laughed a bit too hard sometimes. Oops.

How it works.

You only work with what you can. For instance, while he was showing us the proper technique he  got me to lift a plain plastic PVC bar (weight = 0lbs) to get the momentum of the movement I was about to do with the “PUSH PRESS”. Next I went to a 15lb bar just to see what the weight was like, do a few reps of those, and then bam—up to a 35lb bar. I found it uncomfortable and a bit difficult to push out 3 pushes above my head. Sorry, I have no idea what the technical terms are at this point.

Push press
(Huh, weird we weren’t told to bend our legs)

I got the 15lb bar back with some added weight. I didn’t ask what the poundage was, because I didn’t really want to know, to tell you the truth.

Then it was time for our rounds/sets/ whatever you’d like to call them.I love it when they crank up the music to get you pumped up. Unfortunately, I didn’t seemed too pumped when I was about to start the exercise, haha—I knew what I was in for. I despise burpes

5 push presses
10 burpes

Complete 5 rounds.

I did my first burpe pushup and fell straight to the floor, forgetting how weak I was in the arm pits and lats from the first class just two days prior. Let me tell you, that was pretty difficult to get 10 out of me each any every time. By the third round I could barely get a 3rd push press up. I was told to drop the weights, shake out my shoulders and get back into it. I owed him 2 more before I got to do the super fun burpes again.

There was another guy in the beginner class, so we both completed it, and guess what? I didn’t feel the need to puke this class!

Small steps you guys… small steps.

I’m surprised I did another upper body workout at that class seeing as I couldn’t even put my hair in a pony tail without a bit of discomfort. I was at the peak of soreness from two days after my first trip into Crossfit. Of course, he showed me some tricks to loosen me up and I was on my way.

Guys, girls… I can’t wait to go back tomorrow!

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It hurts so good

So. I feel awesome. I can’t lift my arms above my head and it’s near impossible for me to play tug-o-war with my 8lb pup. Sunday was my first day at a place called Cross Fit. Two of my friends go to this thing and have told me it’s the best thing, and they’re already getting abs just a few months in. It’s challenging for me to get involved with anything fitness oriented, as bad as that sounds. But it’s true—I lose interest within 6 months and then end up quitting. It’s a terrible habit I have and I feel like I have no will power to stick things through.

Susan’s blog post on Saturday really struck me.

“Wisdom is learning to let go when you want to hang on. Courage is learning to hang on when you want to let go.”

I was the only person at the beginner’s class. The “trainer” and I was all that was there. I told him a bit about my history and how I used to climb from 1995-2006, and I’m a soccer player. By the time he was explaining the proper techniques on how to do squats it was then time for my 10 minute interval workout. The “Cindy”. Oh yea.

Complete as many rounds in 10 minutes as you can of:
5 Pull-ups (I jumped then dropped, that’s how he explained how I do it)
10 Push-ups (on my knees)
15 Squats (and lower than 90º so your bum hits the medicine ball)

By the time the third round came around I was feeling it on the pushups, grunting and going all PPPFFTTHHH-ing a lot (that’s me blowing air out of my mouth pretty hard). The fourth round I had enough! I barely could get out 10 push ups and bucko-trainer-guy had to lift my hips up so I could get my arms straight from the pushup. I ended up doing 4 rounds plus a 5th round of just pull ups.

He was coaching me through it all and being so supportive with his words. When the 10 minute timer beeped I stopped. Trainer-dude let me catch my breath and then came over to me, saying something but all I could hear was a bunch of words that were just jibber-jabber to me. I asked him: “Do people ever puke after?” he laughed and said “yes, a lot of the time, in the bathroom, outside, everywhere.” Oh sweet. He talked to me more, unknowingly of my need to hurl up my breakfast and I had to stop him. I said “I think I have to puke” again, he laughed said I pushed myself hard, then pointed to the washroom. I sat on the floor for a while and nothing happened. I decided to get up using my arms and they were so weak!

Yesterday? I woke up sore. It’s the good kind of sore that I miss. It’s almost like you climbed a super hard route and your lats kill you. It hurts so good. My arm pits, my shoulders, my thighs. All sore. I couldn’t lift my arms above my head!

I know this was only my first time going to the class and I hope it keeps my interest, but when I go to classes at a regular gym sure they keep an eye on most people but they can’t see you give up after so many and then take a break. You warm up for 20-30 minutes then this you do a different round of  workout (it’s different every time) … ALL OUT, for a half hour or so. Then that’s it. That’s your workout.

I’m going again tonight, and then I think my free classes are up. It’s quite expensive, and I’m just going to purchase a 1mth package for now.

I’ll also be posting my workout outfits too. That’s always fun. Right?  Here’s what I wore on Sunday. Everything is Lululemon. Oops.

Purple top: Lululemon Run Swiftly Tech Tee
Black capris: Lululemon Zoom Crop (it was on sale when I bought them)
White pull over: Lululemon Run: Distance pullover
Track pants: Orca? I don’t know…
Jacket: Ice Peak from Ireland in 2005 lol.
Sneaks: Saucony Guide’s

If I keep this up, I may just end up posting it with on Friday’s with the outfit of the work week (OOTWW). But I most likely won’t be posting any diet pill reviews, since I’m not that type of gal to take them. Hard work is what it takes!

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