I didn’t quit!

Hey, anyone still out there? I didn’t quit my blog!

A mid-day update for you folks, I’m grabbing a quick (and late) lunch from home and heading back to work in a few minutes.

As you probably already guessed, I just didn’t blog while I was on vacation back home in Newfoundland, and of course when I arrived back in Ontario my internet connection was just wrecked for a while and I couldn’t do anything. Pair that with me not being able to catch up on reading your blogs because Feedly is having some issues on iPads/iPhones so I’ve only been reading the blogs that I really know the URL of. Which isn’t many! (Iowa Girl Eats, Posh Meets Pavement, Fresh Season, Js Everyday Fashion, Healthy Tipping Point, Peanut Butter Fingers). Sooo I’ve switched over to Blog Lovin’ for the time being. #FirstWorldProblems, I know.

Ever since Paleo ended on May 7th, I said I’d take a wee break from eating strict. When in reality, I have just went back to my regular eatings. Let me backtrack here… I’m not as mental as I was in the past eating candy for breakfast. I’m not eating carbs or dairy at all. I can’t stand cheese anymore – isn’t that strange!?  So to get back on track — the first night back in Ontario I didn’t cook because I was just tired from travel. But the next day I was in the mood to cook up a scoff (hey, gotta use some Newfie terminology while I can) and made a nice paleo and non-paleo meal for the Boyf and myself.

burger-and-fries-paleo-frieHomemade extra lean ground beef burgers with spinach and mustard on mine, topped with a portobello mushroom (boyf had a regular bun), and I also made some delicious sweet potato fries.


paleo-burger-n-friesThey’re SO easy to make: fry’er up in the pan with some coconut oil on super hot, and flip them every now and again – once done put on a plate covered in paper towels and dab off the excess oil. Pour in a bowl and mix in some salt and Mrs. Dash’s Southwest Chipotle Seasoning and you’ve got some restaurant quality fries on hand. I also made a spinach salad for us too, with balsamic vinaigrette and coconut oil as the dressing. paleo-saladI’ll clue everyone in on the adventures I had on my vacation, but for now there’s a few photos to have’a gander at. See you when my internet works again!!

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