My CrossFit Journal (Year 1, Week 6)

This week was wicked. Felt strong.


year 1, week 6, day one

Back Squat (225/155)
KB Swing (32/24)

For the backsquats the prescribed weight was 155lbs but I’m not that strong lol, so I did 55lbs in total for the back squats. Had to clean them up, push press them over our heads and then do the backsquat that way. If we couldn’t do the prescribed workout we had to do this:


30 backsquats, 30 KB swings (I used a 16kg weight. Which was SOOO hard. I was grunting using it! So intense)

My workout looked like this:

30 backsquats at 55lbs
30 kettlebell swings at 16kg
20 backsquats at 55lbs
20 kettlebell swings at 16kg
10 backsquats at 55lbs
10 kettlebell swings at 16kg

I finished in 14:49.


year 1, week 6, day two

(No photo for today. Use your imagination)

21-15-9 for time:

Left Foot Step-up; 24/16kg + 20/16″  (using a 16″ box with 16kg in each hand for females)
Right Foot Step-up; 24/16kg + 20/16″ (using a 16″ box with 16kg in each hand for females)
Chest to bar pullups

I’ve been doing unassisted kips (watch a video of kipping pullups here. Cool right?) ever since I learned how to do them on my own last week. It’s SUCH a great feeling. I ended up doing kipping motions, 3 in a row until I had each and every one done. I also lowered the weight I was carrying from 16kg to 12kg. 16 is insane.

I finished this WOD in 15:28. I was surprised at how quickly I finished it, but everyone was done about the same time give or take a minute.

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Stay tuned in the next few days. I’ll be showing you guys some great photos from Girls Night Out! It wasn’t warm enough for patio weather or pool parties with a pool safety fence, so we went to a restaurant/bar. So exciting!

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