Pulled Chicken Sandwich

I woke up Saturday morning with basically a full blown sinus cold. I was miserable and wanted the pain in my nose to go away. I ended up taking some over the counter sinus med’s all day Saturday and on Sunday it was still there, but not as bad as the day before. Monday morning I woke up and coughed all day. I did go to work yesterday, because I had a TON of stuff to do, regarding the campaign I’ve been organizing for Breast Cancer Awareness, so I needed to go in! Maybe I’ll post more about that later in the month. It’s totally fun and I was contact companies for some “goodies” for the staff I work with.

Today is the first day that I’m starting to feel like myself again. Finally. It’s been forever.

Anyway. Onto a recipe blog post, since I haven’t done one in a while.

I’m not a fan of pulled pork sandwiches. What I am a fan of – is pulled-CHICKEN sandwiches. Mouth watering and derrrrioucous in my mouth.

I made them a few weeks ago. I photocopied a recipe out of a Campbells Soup cook book I found at work. I didn’t end up using it because it consisted of way too many ingredients for my liking. Apple cidar vinegar, brown sugar… so what I ended up doing was just pan cooking the chicken, and shredding it with two forks. Took it away from the heat and dumped in some of my favorite BBQ sauce: Peppercorn found at Save On Foods in Western Canada (BC is where we bought ours).

Pulled Chicken Sandwich “recipe”, and I quote that word since it’s the second easiest thing I’ve ever made. First thing being Kraft Dinner. Oh yeah.

As I said, I’m not the hugest fan of pulled pork sandwiches since I felt the meat was too wet and slimy on my palette. So I decided to go for a better option!

While the chicken was cooking on the grill I heated up some of this BBQ sauce I purchased in British Columbia at Save On Foods. Since we don’t have one of those grocery stores here in Ontario, I still  can’t seem to find a substitute for it at Zehrs or Sobeys! I’ve also used Diana Honey Garlic Sauce for this as well and it was scrumptious.Open faced sammich. I like mine pretty dry, but I may have needed to add something to it since it may have been too dry with the panini bread I used with it. My Boyfriend usually adds more BBQ sauce to his. Lotsaflava.I serve it with a simple salad! I’ve bought all kinds of different variety packs of salad spicer-uppers at Zehrs and I kinda like this one, but the Mexican one is better (and hotter/spicier).

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