I’ve been feeling wordy this week as you can tell from this post. It’s usually like “hay, here’s my OOTWW. Have a good weekend.” So if you missed out on all of my blogging for the week, I’ve linked and summarized them below.

But first! OOTWW:

I still have a manly-cough and I occasionally wake up in my sleep to clear my throat which wakes me up completely, for like 5 minutes. But no worries, I’m a heavy sleeper/go back to sleep easily. It’s the Boyf I worry about. He’s the light one. Anyway, it’s going on 6 days. My cold is getting better as the days go by. First two days were all about sinuses, and the rest of the days it’s been a cough coming from my chest. Hopefully it’ll go away …  soon. The boyf ended up buying me some halls. I’ve been chomping them down like candy. The red package is always a fav. Reminds me of those Vicks heart (or V) shaped candies I mean throat lozenges.

Alfie’s been keeping me warm and cozy watching TV shows on my iPad after I get off work. But I did feel better later on in the week and Wednesday I went to CrossFit, and yesterday night I went climbing! :) Psst, do you like the knitted afghan that my Great Aunt knitted me? She’s like 86 or something, so it’s pretty special to me!

The Boyf and I are going to see a Stratford play tonight. I’m excited. I’ve planned my OOTWW all around it, to wear my outfit that I’m wearing to work to the play. Less deciding right before the play = way easier for me. Right? Right.

Alright, bye for now!

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P.S: The UP2U gum is fantastic. I bought a ton of gum (as you can see) when I went down to California. I’m obsessed with gum. I think the sweet mint by Menthos has got to be a number one favorite. (I ate Bubble Mint, my least favorite ones first, natch).

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  1. Love your outfits this week! I particularly like the leopard scarf and that red blazer. You always keep it mixed up…not boring repeat outfits like me! Anyway hope you feel better soon!!!!

  2. I really like your whole outfit on Friday! I have never seen Joe Fresh clothes but a store just opened up not too far from my work. I haven’t had the chance to pop in yet but maybe I need to!

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