OOTWW + November Fitness Recap

Back at the gym I went. This fall was killer with me slacking off. I didn’t want to get into another rut where I take 6 or 7 months off running or attending the gym. Yep, I decided to stop playing around and get back at’er, 5 long weeks after my 5k road race. Mind you working out 3x in one month isn’t going to cut it. My year membership expires next week. I’m renewing it.

Thursday, November 11
6:45am — 7:30am  [Legs and Butt class]

Monday, November 22
7:15am ran 1.7 miles in 21 minutes. Slow, painful run.

Thursday, November 24
6:30 til… whenever [1 mile run on the treadmill]
7:00pm — 7:45pm [Beginner Spin Class]

Here’s my OOTWW below.

My gourmet (food) gift basket (with no trans-fat!) ends on Monday, be sure to enter multiple times!

It’s Friday! It’s PayDay! Have a great weekend all :)

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  1. Congrats on the gym comeback. It will surely help your running strength. Maybe you can make that “workout outfit of the week” i suggested, as one of your goals to keep you motivated?

    What about soccer? Still playing?

    As for OOTW, you again have made great choices. All those look great. My favourite is wednesday. You look super sexy on that one. =]

    Also, the sweater from thursday looks comfy and warm, and the monday flats are cute.

    Nancy says: I decided to not get involved with indoor soccer this winter. It was just last winter when I had injured it. Playing on such a small indoor field (1 field, 3 games going on) there’s chance for more impact on my ankles. I didn’t want to get hurt again.

  2. Oh, i see. That was a smart decision indeed.

    I do remember about your injured ankle. Was it “fixed” with physiotherapy?

    Nancy says: Yes, for the most part – I did some simple exercises. But what I think what I noticed most was having my ankle brace on each and every time I played.

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