August fitness

Re-cap of 2010 fitness here.

It slipped my mind that I haven’t done a monthly fitness post last month. So here’s what it consisted of in August. Not much!

August 3. Tuesday Ran 8k on the trails
August 5. ThursdayRan 7k (had some troubles)
August 8. Sunday — Played Soccer
August 10 Tuesday Ran 5k on the trails
August 12. Thursday Ran 7k
August 15. Sunday — Played Soccer
August 16. Monday Ran 3-4k
August 20. Friday Ran 6k w/ Boyfriend (36 mins)
August 22. Sunday — Played Soccer
August 29. Sunday IRONMAN CANADA (I did actually end up walking 16k this day to our hotel and back… failing to realize how far it actually was).

Complete active August fail on my part. Breathing issues,  and not being motivated because of it. I will own September, just you watch. There are some races coming up this month, and I want to do them!! I need to remember to do short speedy workouts, and long runs. Not every run has to be a personal record. Not every run needs to be fast. Not every run has to be perfect. I need to remember this quote that I posted:

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