I made my very first cheesecake yesterday evening and since it had to be chilled in the fridge for four hours we didn’t get a chance to eat it til today. It was pretty moist. My co-worker’s cheesecake has a more dry crust, and dry cheesecake, but I also put sour cream in mine. Maybe that was why it was like that. I loved it though.

I’ll be posting this up on my recipe section, but all I did was get it from the Kraft Canada website. :)

I have a giveaway coming up soon. A HUGE one at that. I’m going outdoors to get Scott to take pictures of it with me!!

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  1. Oh goodness…Keith will LOVE this! I don’t like cheesecake (gasp) but it is because I don’t like ricotta. But Keith is a cheesecake freak so I might have to give this a go!! Have a good day!!

    Nancy says: Ricotta? lol there’s no Ricotta in this silly! You don’t even have to use sour cream. It’s just 3 bricks of cream cheese (room temp!), sugar, eggs, vanilla…some other stuff…. lol

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