Soup’er up!

Oh boy and what a fantastic weekend it was. Alfie got a total of 7 hours of walking in the past three days and he’s just as hyper as ever. We ended up walking all over the city and saw so many people out in their fancy sports cars with their shiny new honda accessories shined up on their spoilers and rims. Not everyone has their winter tires yet off, I noticed. I put my summers on what seems like ages ago.

Have to admit though, I found myself browsing through those sites to fancy up my car too. When I was looking at Honda Civics I always saw souped up ones. But they were really nicely done with just different tail lights attached, changed the honda logo to a different chrome one, and added a new exhaust. A nice shiny one at that. I love it when cars are all neatly taken care of! Now I’m not talking about replacing my whole dashboard or anything like that. I meant just not-so-noticeable changes to the car. It makes all the difference, really. I think…

In fact, I ended up vacuuming out my car on Good Friday. It wasn’t even that dirty, because I keep it clean. I did take away my shovel that I had in the trunk, and my “backup” winter hat that I kept in the car in case I forgot mine and it was chilly.

I have yet to wash it this season. I’m going to bring it to some fancy place to wash/wax it for me though. They always seem to do a great job on my bosses car.

Do you take care of your cars like I do? Or do you not care? Lol. I love it when classy touches are added to the car, just to make it stand out a wee bit, but not so it’s too overdone, you know?

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  1. OMG this post could have totally come from my mouth (fingers)! I often check out people’s mods to their civics and I want to do the same – but I dont’ want to “rice” it up. The subtle details make all of the difference. I’ve only got the back windows tinted, a beautiful exhaust that just purrrrrrrrrs, and some LEDs in the interior and around the license plate but I hope to do more.

    My poor winters are still on – I’ll be taking them off HOPEFULLY this week!

  2. I take care of my car but lately things have piled up due to not having the money for fixing and its driving me NUTS. haha

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