My CrossFit Journal Year 2 Week 19

Ahem. It’s been a few weeks, since I’ve done a weekly recap of my workouts at CrossFit. I’m getting back into it today.

Wish I had some photos to keep it more visually interesting for you guys. Perhaps next week I’ll google some instructional images for you to all understand what we’re doing at CrossFit. Is that something you’d like to see? Let me know in the comments!

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year 2, week 19, day 1

Strict Pullups

Ring Dips
KB Swings
Box Jumps

For the strict pullups I used a black band. For the last set I used a red one. Gettin’ stronger with strict!

For the WOD I used 16kg for the KB swings. Rx was 24kg for women I think. Nuts. My time for completing it was 10:07


year 2, week 19, day 2

10-1 Deadlifts 1.5x bodyweight
1-10 Tru Pushups (on the rings)
*200m run between rounds

I used 105lbs for the deadlifts, and completed the rounds. I was on the few tru pushups when the timer went off. I would’ve had to finish off with a run. I think we had 21 minutes to complete this.

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My CrossFit Journal (Year 2 Week 14)

I felt so strong at CrossFit last week. Paleo is definitely helping me get stronger. I was going up in (lifting) weight like nobodies business!

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year 2, week 14, day 1

EMOM 10 (Every minute on the minute for 10 mins)
1 power clean + 1 squat clean to thruster

What I used: For the first few rounds I did 70lbs, then I ended up putting on 2.5lb plates on making it 75lbs for the last few! Thrusters were the hardest. But I love power clean and thrusters/push-presses, so it was a pretty good WOD.

400m run
25 pushups

What I completed: I did 3 full rounds, did another 400m run and 13 pushups. So close to finishing the 4th round.


year 2, week 14, day 2

KB swing
KB lunges
KB overhead situps

I used a 12kg weight, and finished in 17:43!


year 2, week 14, day 3

Every other minute (loads of rest!)
10 minutes / 5 rounds
1 deadlift
2 hang clean (power or squat)
3 front squats

I used 75lbs for the first three rounds, and then bumped it to 80lbs for the last two!!

-Rest 3 minutes-

12 toes to bar
12 KB snatch 12 burpees

I did three full rounds, then did the 12 T2b, 12 KB snatches and 8 more burpees.

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My CrossFit Journal (Year 2 week 13)


The short:

Sunday — Rest
Monday — CrossFit
Tuesday — CrossFit
Wednesday — Rest
Thursday — CrossFit
Friday — CrossFit
Saturday— Rest

The long:


year 2, week 13, day one

Every 2nd minute for 16 mins
2 back squats at 80-90%

What I used: 90lbs for the 8 rounds

20kb clean & press (24/16)
10 explosive pushups

What I did: I used 12kg and did the explosive pushups off my knees. I completed 3 full rounds and on my fourth round I was on my 18th clean and press.


year 2, week 13, day two

4 Rounds
3 Chin ups – 3 Strict Pull ups – 6 Pull ups

This was a warmup.

Toes To Bar

What I completed: For the 21-15-9 I used an 8lb medicine ball and completed the WOD in 5:55


year 2, week 13, day three

3 rounds:

400 m run
5 left  side KB snatch
5 left side turkish getups
5 right  side KB snatch
5 right side turkish getups30 second hanging l-sit

What I completed: I used 8kg for the kettlebells and for the hanging L-Sit I did them all in 30 seconds without taking a break. I didn’t extend my legs, I kept them tucked. I finished in 19:00 exactly.


year 2, week 13, day four

Even minute: 6 deadlifts + 3 handstand pushups
odd minute: 4 hang cleans + 5 front squats

The front squats is what killed the weight in the WOD for me. I’m weak with those so I used 55lbs


[older crossfit journal entries]

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