My CrossFit Journal (Year 2 week 13)


The short:

Sunday — Rest
Monday — CrossFit
Tuesday — CrossFit
Wednesday — Rest
Thursday — CrossFit
Friday — CrossFit
Saturday— Rest

The long:


year 2, week 13, day one

Every 2nd minute for 16 mins
2 back squats at 80-90%

What I used: 90lbs for the 8 rounds

20kb clean & press (24/16)
10 explosive pushups

What I did: I used 12kg and did the explosive pushups off my knees. I completed 3 full rounds and on my fourth round I was on my 18th clean and press.


year 2, week 13, day two

4 Rounds
3 Chin ups – 3 Strict Pull ups – 6 Pull ups

This was a warmup.

Toes To Bar

What I completed: For the 21-15-9 I used an 8lb medicine ball and completed the WOD in 5:55


year 2, week 13, day three

3 rounds:

400 m run
5 left  side KB snatch
5 left side turkish getups
5 right  side KB snatch
5 right side turkish getups30 second hanging l-sit

What I completed: I used 8kg for the kettlebells and for the hanging L-Sit I did them all in 30 seconds without taking a break. I didn’t extend my legs, I kept them tucked. I finished in 19:00 exactly.


year 2, week 13, day four

Even minute: 6 deadlifts + 3 handstand pushups
odd minute: 4 hang cleans + 5 front squats

The front squats is what killed the weight in the WOD for me. I’m weak with those so I used 55lbs


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