BlissDom Canada 2013 recap

My first official day at BlissDom started off with an amazing breakfast which I’m positive I took a photo of, which inconveniently disappeared somehow. Either way I have way more exciting photos to share with your besides the food that went into my belly.

I actually couldn’t contain myself and the newcomers night, I popped into the Philosophy area and took all these great pictures. They had a cozy sitting area with some treats. I tried all of them out, naturally. Each day, Philosophy had a different gift basket to win. You betcha I put my name into their draw.philosophy-treats

I also didn’t “get” how CotyPrestigeCA, Philosophy and Veritas all were in the one same spot, under Philosophy. But Kim, who is the PR manager at Coty, explained it all to me. I was lookin’ a little confused ;) Isn’t she gorgeous? Super friendly too. I clearly didn’t know who she was at first when she came to introduce herself to me. But now I know the face behind the name. Tada, selfie time. Kim-from-Coty-and-I

I had a skin consultation the next day with Robin (taller woman) and told me I was a nut. In a good way. HAHA. She clearly knows her stuff. I guess she would seeing how she’s the director of international education and global press at philosophy. Hi Sarah too, yay!!philosophy-girls-and-i

She flew in all the way from NYC (can I be her?) to tell us all about Philosophy. The first thing she mentioned to me when I sat down to get a consult, was “Tell me what products you already have/know about from here.” I swear, I pointed out over 60% of the products. I think she suggested I sit back down after I was like “Oh .. and this too. I love this product.” She must’ve read my mind, because when I sat down with her she gave me a lot of information about the Miracle Worker with retinoid treatment. Something I’ve been looking to get into, but keep forgetting to read about it, or ask people about it.


Philosophy even had this pretty decorative tree in their area and asked you to write on these pieces of paper #WhatReallyMatters. What matters to me? My family in Newfoundland. Can I receive a collective “awww” please?

I walked around to most of the sponsors that were there and just chatted with them. As much as I thought I’d be intimidated being at the conference by myself, it actually pushed me out of my comfort zone and made me walk up and chat to the sponsors, and bloggers. I definitely got comfortable with being uncomfortable. In fact, I felt so outgoing this weekend, that I even chatted to the housekeeping woman on the floor I was staying on. Her name is Mira, and she was very sweet. We bonded over talks about me being a housekeeper at the hospital in Newfoundland. Then told me I was very friendly, and it must’ve been because I was from Newfoundland. Found out one of her co-workers was also from there. Mira, like the nice lady she is, hooked me up with handfuls of more Philosophy goodies for my room. YES. Delta Meadowvale uses Philosophy at their hotel. I know!!mira-cleaning-lady

Next stop was over to the Collective Bias suite where I hung out and drank copious amounts of Tetley throughout the weekend. I balanced it all between this room, and the Tim Hortons room. I also met a few more people that I’ve been dealing with over e-mail for the past 2-ish years. I mean, Bailey flew in from Arizona USA to come up to BlissDom. Amazing, right? I also put a face to 3SP Media, and it was great to meet those two men. We had a bit of an awkward encounter when I introduced myself. I said, Bonjourno. Then followed up with a “uh. Wait. Don’t talk french to me. I only know English. Not that Bonjourno is French or anything.” One of the men laughed and told me no, it was just bad Italian. Ha ha ha.cbias-room-and-tetley

Once I had some more caffeine in my system to keep me going I spotted Lena in the hotel lobby. I’ve never met her before, and I swear I was more excited to meet her than I would’ve Oprah. I didn’t keep my cool at all. I had a complete fan-girl-alert meltdown. I know, right? What was I thinking? I hope she doesn’t think I’m crazy.listen2lena-and-spiffykerms

MC DONALD’S  SPONSORED LUNCH. Holy craperdoodles. Can I come back every year to BlissDom? As you guys know, if I’m a fan of something I rave about it. Constantly. Sometimes I do it subconsciously. Like I do with McDonalds. I mean for heaven sakes, I go there for Valentines Day with the Boyf each year. It’s been an 8 year tradition! See? and oh… see? mcdonalds-lunch

Jared, the guy behind McDonalds Canada on twitter came up to me over lunch. He was in a suit. I didn’t know who he was. I mean, why would you? He didn’t look like Ronald McDonald. He introduced himself and told me I was their biggest fan, ever. BAHAHAHAHA. How embarrassing. But true, none the less. I told JB I was surprised I wasn’t fat from eating it all the time. Which, now that I think of it — probably wasn’t the best thing to say. Anyway. He surprised me and told me that it’s probably because I do so much CrossFit. WHAT! I know. McDonalds knows me. Crazy huh? I was impressed. Not only that, he had this awesome Australian accent. And? Scored some more free McDonalds coupons. Heck yea I ain’t sharin’. Sorry I chopped off your head Jared.jared-mcdonalds-man

I knew Brandy, one of my “readers” (I find it funny to type that) was going to be at the conference and I couldn’t find her for a day and a half. Her and I were tweeting back and forth trying to meet up with one another but ended up crossing paths as I was heading back to the hotel room! Soo glad I met you B! Like everyone said. I love your voice, it’s so cute :) I hope you had an amazing time at BlissDom!brandy-and-i

My belly was satisfied from eating a Spicy Thai Chicken Chili wrap, some apple slices and 2 cans of coke (don’t judge). It was time to walk it off. But not at the gym. Ain’t nobody got time for that, especially when I could be writing cards to my friends. I sent two Hallmark cards, one to Kaitlin at Chevrolet Canada for sending me to BlissDom, and one to Philosophy. Of course. Thanks for supplying us with goodies, Hallmark! Fun!hallmark

At one point throughout the day I went to the Tim Hortons suite. Probably drink more tea and sit on their massive bean bag chairs. Tim-Hortons-Room

They had a decorating your own donut contest. I can’t think creatively on the spot like that so I just made mine to be a dipped chocolate donut with some candy. I surprisingly didn’t go overboard with the decorating. The white chocolate donut next to mine in the upper right hand corner actually says something on it. Can you read it? It says Lazy Day! Justin made it, and I thought it was brilliant. And talented. tim-hortons-at-blissdom

I met Justin and his wife Dayna the night before and they hooked me up with a bunch of swag from Chapmans. You betcha I was their first swag-receiver. Ice cream calls I’m the girl that’s first in line. Thanks so much guys! I swear I was in their hotel room a good hour or more, just talking to them about blogging. They were great, really.chapmans-icecream

More ladies hear the sounds of icecream and came up, too! @ASweetBaker, @MyDustBunnies, Me, @TransformTheNow, and @FanofPreemies.chapmans swag

They weren’t the only folks handing out swag. I put together little packages of Make Up For Ever mascara minis to give away to 11 lucky people at the conference. @Mom2Michael, @alimentageuse, @ThisBirdsDay, @FanofPreemies, @LSSocialEngage, @InSearchOfYummy, @JacEarnst, @MyDustBunnies,  @LazyDayCA, @ASweetBaker, and @TransformTheNow.make-up-for-ever-gifts

I knew the Great Canadian Outdoors Party was later on in the evening, so I decided to primp and prime my hair by getting it done with the The Beauty Team. Fitting name. My hair never looks good, it had to be documented. By the way, yea — I totally lived in my MPG hoody all weekend long. I was known as the coral hoody girl at some points.curly-hair

Two red carpets in one day? (McDonalds had one at Lunch). I feel spoiled. Supper was provided by Maple Leaf. There was a tent set up outside, and everything was bacon themed. Can’t say no to bacon, am I right?tent-for-mapleleaf

It looked luxe with the chandeliers and fire thingies (technical term).fancy-tent-area

Bacon encrusted chicken strips. Bacon and cheese wrapped around a hot dog? I’m in my element, right here, right now.maple-leaf-supper

Once the sun went down, we had some musical entertainment for the night. Tenille, an 18 year old country singer set the stage. Tenille-at-BlissDom

Up next, was Jully Black. You know the song Seven Day Fool? That’s her!!!jully-black-blissdom

Sarah & Jesse LaBelle (you’ll know him from the song Heartbreak Cover Up) was also at BlissDom, sitting in on one of the panels about Cyber Bullying. jesse-labelle

The night was SO much fun. I met Julia aka NuggleMama that day and was thrilled to finally meet her in person!, that we took a ridiculous amount of pics together :) No harm in that.jac-and-julia

Dayna‘s make up looked great this night!dayna-and-i

I don’t know how many glasses of wine I drank, but I finally needed to just go inside and sit down. This is when I met Julie Nowell, who gave me a huge pep talk on my blog. We have similar personality traits and I feel like she reminds me of one of my cousins, it was so easy to talk to her, and spill my guts about stuff. Plus? SHE LIVES ON A FARM! Chickens and ducks. She needs to get some goats. julie-nowell-and-i

Next up… the final day at BlissDom with Lentils, PayPal and a PJ party.

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BlissDom Canada is here!

Today is the day! I actually get to drive to Mississauga today after work! My car is packed with my suitcase and GPS and I’m ready to attend the biggest blogging conference in Canada. BlissDom Canada is here!

Some points I’d like to mention.


  • If you see me carrying around this Make Up For Ever tote. Come talk to me, I have 11 presents inside there for anyone who wants one!
  • I’ll be very active on twitter and instagram, follow me there.

See ya here on Monday for a recap, ok? :)

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Foundation Nation event at Make Up For Ever with Troy Jensen!

Longest blog post title ever. But I’m calling it what it was.

The Foundation Nation event at Make Up For Ever with Troy Jensen was an experience I’ll always cherish.

I feel like Make Up For Ever has taken me under their wings and helped me immensely, with growing not only my blog but with me as a person. Once I arrived at Sephora in the Toronto Eaton Centre, I was greeted with sincere heartfelt hugs from the girls I know on the Make Up For Ever team. It’s so good to know them mostly all by name and being greeted with such authenticity.

make up for ever event sept14 2013My peeps and I. hahah Just kidding. I don’t know half the people in the pic. Lindsey (blonde hair) is the only one I know!

I feel so grateful that they keep inviting me to these fantastic once in a life time (for me) events because I’m not a beauty blogger. I don’t like putting labels on myself, and as I’ve said many times I can’t just stick to blogging about one topic because what if I get bored of what I talk about? Then I start getting fake and not being true to myself. I can’t let that happen sure, right? Which is why I blog about beauty, fashion, sports, my lifestyle and food! I love it all, and that’s how it’s going to stay. I’m not going to change — ain’t’ nobody got time for that!Troy Jensen

Celebrity make-up artist Troy Jensen* is touring with a Make Up For Ever’s Foundation Nation campaign promoting their new Pro Brush line and HD foundations. Troy was at Sephora Toronto Eaton Centre giving beauty bloggers tips and tricks on how to achieve a flawless complexion. Foundation Nation campaign was created to help women address their common challenges with foundation. How to stop colors from oxidizing, why to change up your foundation each season, and little tips and tricks on achieving certain looks.

* Troy has done countless makeup looks for Kim Kardashian! Fan girl alert!tory-jensen-in-toronto

I must’ve had an inquisitive face and to my surprise he asked me directly if I had a question for him. A little caught off guard, usually I’d go blank in that sort of situation and shake my head no. But I ended up asking him a few questions. I’m more into skincare and complexions than playing with make up so it’s right up my ally when I want to learn how to look create an even, natural complexion with some luminosity.

Did you know that you should be swapping out your foundations each season? I sure didn’t until Troy told us! I always wanted a dewy luminous look to my skin, year round. I do self-tan often but do have varying shades of the foundations I wear. I’m going to have to research a little more on what types of foundations will work for my dehydrated skin coming up in these cooler months.tory jensen_

Some of the tips he mentioned was that when creating a contour on your face, rather than using bronzer he often simply uses a darker foundation shade. Smart thinkin’.

Make Up For Ever tweeted this photo during the event. I spot me!mufe-tweet


how-close-i-was-to-troy-jenGah. So close.

Even closer ;)troy-jensen-and-me

After our intimate session with Troy Jensen we were each given mini consultations on complexions.

I was in tears laughing with Alisha, a resident make up artist from Make Up For Ever at Sephora Toronto Eaton Centre. She told me I was hilarious and full of energy. We were joking and carrying on, I simply did not want to leave the chair I was in! So much fun. Rather than having a foundation overhaul, we decided on going with a bold red-orange lip with some bronzing and highlighting on my face. Which was phenomenal. Loved the look Alisha created on me.lip stuff at make up for ever

I did learn a few tricks about lip liner, where to start and how to connect the ‘lines’ of the liner, also on how to work with a bigger lip ‘crayon’ which I have been using with other brands. She gave me tips on how to create a very sharp line with a tool like that.


She also bronzed and highlighted my face, complimenting me on my own makeup but mentioning I had great cheekbones and she wanted to emphasize that more. Alisha used #8c lipliner and #40 lipstick for my pop of colour, and #30 bronzer, #3 shine on (highlighter) for my face using the new 112 Straight & Wavy brush that I got to take home with me! Along with a goody bag with the Sepia Blue eye shadow palette.make-up-for-ever-products

Thanks again, Make Up For Ever! My statement could not be more true:makeupforever-tweets

Here are some links to where you can find Troy and his work:

Check back tomorrow and see what’s inside all my shopping bags when I went to a blogger meet up after the event! toronto-buys

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