Boost your eyelashes with this mascara combo

You’ll probably love my little mascara secret as much as I do.mufe-and-buxom-layered
This mascara combo I’m about to talk to you about, will make you look like you’re wearing falsies, without the lifting and gluing things to your eyeballs. Side note: The word falsies reminds me of grandpa dentures chilling out in a glass of water by the bedside, not false eyelashes. I think falsies is a hilarious name. Continue on…

False eyelashes scare the crap out of me. Only because I’m fearful of the glue lifting off halfway through the night and making it look like there are bugs or spiders on my eyelids. I’ve seen people wear false eyelashes out, and they looked dreadful. I don’t particularly want to be one of those people.

mufe-and-buxom-mascaraSo, I’ve resorted to wearing coats of mascara. I had never heard of ever layering your mascaras until I started watching beauty videos on YouTube a few years ago. Then it dawned on me. Due to the amount of mascara I have, I should try to layer them to get a different look to my lashes. Not all mascaras are made the same, you know!

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Weekend Recap

Hope everyone had a decent weekend! What did you all do?

I’ve been keeping comfortable with many hot teas, Netflix on my Nexus 7 (from Staples!) curled up in bed. Reading blogs and watching movies in bed all day? I could do that. Wait. I did. All weekend long. Oof! nexus7-on-my-bed

It’s been a long weekend over here for me. The Guy is finally back in town, and we are now sick together. I’m on the mend, he’s just now getting it.

On Thursday I stayed home because I coughed up a lung or two the night before. Friday I had to go into work to get some more stuff done before our big annual general meeting coming up in a few days. It’s like organizing a wedding (like I’d know all about that lol). And I’m doing it all on my own. I was in for about half the day, then my boss sent me home because I was probably spreading germs everywhere. So it was an extra extra long weekend for me.

I bailed on heading to Toronto yesterday, to meet up with Leanne, because I didn’t want to be hacking all day long and not enjoy the day. Plus I had to last minute cancel on a fun Make Up For Ever event. I really hate it when people cancel on me, so I hated doing so. But my Mom was right, when I talked to her earlier this weekend. I needed to stay in and get rid of this head cold, chest cold. Whatever it is.

Since I was feeling pretty grubby after a rough week (of coughing and holding in my ribs) I decided to fancy my toes up a little bit. Especially because it’s been longer than I’d like to admit since I had a pedicure last. Had an appointment for Friday, but had to call and cancel that too. touch-of-twinkle-china-glaze

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Failing on the outfits of the work week. Wednesday I was feeling so terrible with my head cold that it slipped my mind to take an outfit of the day photo on my cell. Then yesterday I was at home sick. My phone has never rang so much in its entire life as it did yesterday. Random car dealerships calling, a FedEx package who didn’t have my buzzer number and left and called to reschedule a delivery, and then a few other weird calls. Like what the hey?

I hope I’m feeling better tomorrow. During the day time I’m half-fine, but at night I cough up a lung and it keeps me awake. Because tomorrow I was hoping to head into Toronto for the day. I’ll also get to hang out with Leanne for a bit too.ootww

I posted a lot of giveaways on my blog this week. Remember to click the “holiday gift guide” red banner on the right hand side to enter them all. Especially this one below!holiday kit by make up for ever

You have just a few hours left to enter the Glitz and Glam gift set from Make Up For Ever. One of you will get to win this amazing red lipstick, a mascara and eyeliner. Enter to win it.Extravagant-Glamour

What are your plans this weekend?

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