Fossil Summer 2013 collection


I’ve been hesitant on posting anything about spring or summer because of the gloomy weather we’ve been having because Mother Nature was having a hard time deciding which season she wanted to be in these days.

Last Monday was 18º and absolutely gorgeous out. I even drove to my favorite car wash place to have my car hand-washed and vacuumed while I watch, and longed for my spinach salad (still on paleo here folks).

In celebration of that wonderful warm day that I wish we’d have more of (let’s just ignore the snow and rain that happened this weekend, shall we?) I whipped out my springy fresh fun colored clothes which brought a pep into my step, let me tell you that much.

Loved it when I was pumping gas with my (fake) leather jacket on in the morning and the sun was beaming down on my back.

faux leather jacket

Felt SO warm, and made me SO happy. There you are, sunshine! Thought we broke up! Ha ha!

So in lieu of this beautiful weather — I’ve decided to finally share the Fossil Summer Collection sans blurred out images.

Remember when I visited the Toronto Fossil HQ’s in February?  I showed you a sneak peek of what was to come this summer, but now I can show you! I got heads up a few weeks ago but the weather just wasn’t cooperating and showing you gorgeous colors to lust (or buy!) after didn’t seem right. ;)

Fossil-2013-summerBadda bing, baddaboom. There you have it in all its glory. The beautiful fun, fresh colors of the season. Cobalt blue, fun magenta, grass green, sunny yellows and bright pink hues.

Any guesses as to what my favorite product is? Second shelf the furthest on the left. That cobalt blue purse peeking out from behind. It’s a MINI explorer cross body.

This is the size of it in my hands.Fossil-Summer-2013I’m definitely going to have to get my hands on that baby, somehow. Some way.

Another shot of it below. Isn’t the color perfect for summer? Picture a pair of white capris, nude wedges, and a soft heathered fitted tee, and my brown stainless steel Stella with this purse. Perfection. Explorer-Mini

Other goodies from the collection (and a bad photo of me). I have another favorite from Fall, but it’s blurred out below, since we can’t really talk about that just yet. Secret stuff. But boy, I’ll just have to give you a hint and tell you that the PRINT on something coming up, is just to die for. Literally, fall over and collapse due to its lustworthyness. I made up that word, you like?Summer-2013-Fossil

Summer 2013 Collection from Fossil. Which purses are your fav? What colors call out to you?Summer-2013

Until next visit, Fossil Canada!Longview

Think you’ll pop into a Fossil store, or shop online for any of the Summer 2013 collection? As always, this isn’t a sponsored, or compensated post. Just sharing my love for Fossil to you guys.

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Happy dance in full force. Couldn’t wait to explode!

Okay, we get it — she likes Fossil. Ya. Apparently I’m completely obsessed with this brand.

I don’t know whether or not I haven’t been noticing it before, or if it’s because a Fossil store opened up in our local mall, or that I had something to do with influencing people to shop at Fossil. But lately everyone has been coming to me with their new Fossil purchases when they buy something in store and I just have to photograph it.

Like my boss for instance. She picked up the Georgia watch, and the turn-lock leather strap — both in Coral. A new fun color for Winter.Fossil Georgia and Turnlock wrap

My boss even surprised her daughter (my other co-worker) with the new Marlow Bifold wallet. It’s so tiny, but a perfect size for someone who doesn’t want a large wallet, right? Fits a few card slots, has a coin zipped area and a place to store cash. Aimster, it looks good on ya, ladio. Amy-with-Fossil-Marlow-Bifold

I was in Toronto last Wednesday and took the entire day off to explore the city and hang out with my friends at MAKE UP FOR EVER, and Fossil. My happy dance was in full force and couldn’t wait to explode. Especially at Fossil.

I do not know how I spent a few hours inside their Canadian headquarters. Dangit! I forgot to take a photo of my favorite person there, Lori! Next time. Of course it was all thanks to her keeping me laughing, and the conversation flowing that the hours just flew by.

Get this. If I’m new to meeting you, I’m usually quiet and awkward and my brain flies a mile a minute trying to not have these awkward silences. But at Fossil I feel so natural and comfortable inside the office, with everyone! I don’t understand how I was there for hours but I was, and it was great fun. Speaking in Italian accents, posing with new purses, and meeting some new friendly faces. Too bad I don’t live in Toronto or I’d submit my resume in!

I did leave for an hour or so and came BACK to Fossil to have a look around the leathers. I felt so exclusive! This time, I was allowed to take photos and I snapped away. Of course, since these items aren’t officially launched yet, I cannot show you photos.  But I can show you some blurred out one’s from far away to give you a little visual of what it’s like inside.

Sneak peek sorta thing, so you too can feel part of the team. :) Blurred out until the items actually launch. Then I’ll do a separate post showing you my favorite pieces! Fossil-Headquarters

I forget if this (blurred out) wallet I’m holding is from the Spring or Fall 2013 collection. Hoping it’s Spring so I can show you sooner than later. Fossil-wallet

This is the real deal folks. Amazing right? Those green bins off to the right of the photo were filled up with even more Fossil products but they were being packed away since there was a trade show out in Edmonton. Fossil-in-Toronto

Well. Since I can’t show you what’s in store for Spring 2013, and Fall 2013 — I thought I’d showcase some of my favorite key items from what is out in store’s now, and online. I was speaking with one of the women in the show room and she mentioned that Fossil is going to stop making shoes. Or have, already. Either or, I’m sad because the giraffe shoes I had picked out will never be made agaiiiinnn.

Maddox-Novelty-FlatI wanted to buy them but now I noticed that they only have a size 6 left. Arg! 

Okay back to my favorites that are now available for purchase:


  1. Georgia Glitz Stainless Steel Watch ($135)
  2. Chain Wrist Wrap ($28)
  3. Minnie Flat ($79)
  4. Elephant Charm ($18)
  5. and my MOST FAVORITE: Explorer Flap Clutch ($60)

No this is not a sponsored post. I love Fossil, remember?

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The explorer family

Remember when I told you about L McMomsie’s 5 year wedding anniversary? How her and her husband both got each other Fossil presents? Well, L’s birthday was shortly after their anniversary and she had absolutely no idea what she was getting when she opened up her presents from her bestie.

MORE. FOSSIL. THINGS. I can’t even make this shiz up anymore.

I’m telling you. She has way more Fossil items than I do now! I’m tres-jealous. That’s all the french I know. Besides bonjour.L’s friend had surprised her with a Fossil Explorer cross-body purse in this super flattering color. Almost like a Robin’s Egg blue but with a touch of mint and a whole lotta buttery-softness. Bam. Like I do with every purse my friends show me, I grabbed it and tried it on and did a few twirls, patted the purse down to feel the leather (because Fossil leather’s are crazy soft) , and hesitantly gave it back to her ;) 

Here is L on her birthday modeling the purse for me. What a great bestie she has. Her outfit goes well with the purse, don’t you think?!

L pointed out that the inside straps on the purse are fabric, (see last image, on upper right hand side) and the outer is leather. It makes the movement and flow easy, instead of getting “stuck” while manourving if it were made of leather.

My co-workers and I now have the almost the entire Explorer purse collection by Fossil. Hilarious right? Check all them hanging out together in my office. They’re besties now.

Again. I swear it’s not a sponsored post. I just think it’s great that everyone I work with loves Fossil as much as I do!

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