Hit the ground runnin’ from sunrise to slumbertown

Wow, this two-kid-thing is no joke. I mean, it’s not even that the baby needs a ton of attention. First it was one kid needing 100% of my attention, and my husband joked saying that my toddler still gets 80% of my attention, because the baby is that easy compared to raising a toddler. Oof!

I have been heading to bed before the sun sets these days, to try and catch up on emails, or browsing on tiktok (hey, a lot of the content on there makes me laugh so hard) but I need to be quiet, since our 8mth old is still in our bedroom, will wake.

Whenever I was pregnant with this baby I was always wondering if I’d ever get alone time with him, and now the time has truly come where we spend a few hours in the morning together, before anyone else wakes. This fella has been waking at the crack of dawn at 5:30-6:00 (he’s in a crib right next to me in our bedroom and we don’t have any blackout shades there). He’s a morning person and loves to wake at the crack of dawn. As soon as ANY bit of light shines in, he’s up for the day. He turns and looks at me with the biggest smile. Which obviously makes it 100x easier to wake up to when a little baby is cooing and smiling so huge at you. He truly is pure joy. I’m enjoying this. It’s 9-12°C in the mornings at 6am, but we walk around our neighbourhood for a good hour, come home to nurse and I watch a bit of TV, then @minikerms is up and we start the other part of our morning routine.

Keep it up little fella, I’m liking these early sunny wake up calls. 

Those long a.m. walks with him has changed as of the last few weeks. My 3yr old caught on to our antics, and heard us leave the house one morning despite my best attempts at being super quiet sneaking out lol. He had since requested to join. Of course he can. But certainly not at 6am (he can’t handle being awake with no naps then heading to bed at 7p! Wild tantrums if so. So, I negotiated with him and told him he needs a bit more rest and I’ll be back for him in 30-45 mins. It gives me a bit of quiet time in the morning, before all the non-stop talking and questions come for the next 13 hours until his bed time.

Don’t get me wrong, I do love this new routine of ours. I often get 1.5hr walk in with little one, and another 1+hr when @minikerms joins. Yesterday I walked for THREE HOURS before breakfast 😳. Hey man it keeps me sane these days, keeping them all in the stroller and just being outside. I agree tho, 3hrs was a bit much 😂.

Anyway, just checking in with everyone who still reads my blog. I’ve been meaning to write a lot more than I have on here. It’s just that these last few weeks/months I’ve been trying to catch up on my own me-time, ya’know? I need a rest lol. Cause at the end of the day I really don’t have the brain power to pump out whatever I wanted to say….(see? I cannot for the life of me think of the words I’m wanting to say). And with that – good night!

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  1. Keep writing on the blog! I love hearing about how happy you are in your life in the US. Reading here makes me smile and remember your laugh!

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