Mid summer bronze

I’m a real O.G. when it comes to self-tanner. I’ve been applying self tanner at least monthly for the past 9 years, and have tried nearly every brand out there.

In fact I’m working with a brand (well, gifted to me) that I purchased many moons ago. When I first moved to the USA I was so stoked to shop a few brands that was never available to ship to Canada. This brand that I’m showing you today is based out of Australia (and I bought it from their AUS site back in 2014) but now they ship worldwide, including Canada!

It’s no secret I have sensitive skin due to my nearly 6 years of chronic daily hives. I always reach for sensitive skin products, Bali Body is one of those that caters to people like myself. Sensitive to a ton of things! Bali body is 100% vegan and cruelty free.

I self-tan at home during the evenings when my two boys are gone to bed. Personally, I like the way that I look with a bronzed look to my skin. My favourite way to achieve that look is with a tanning mousse like the Bali Body mousse in ultra dark. I have to say though, this particular one isn’t as quick drying as others I’ve tried. Bali Body replied to my IG story and suggested I try their express tan.

My regime before I self-tan:

Day before: Hop in the shower and exfoliate your entire body, this is the day where I scrub like mad. Also, shave. Make sure your heels aren’t rough and if they are use a pumice stone (tanner will really accentuate the dry parts so make sure you’re good and smooth). When you get out of the shower, moisturize your entire body.

Day of: Exfoliate stubborn parts, like your heels or elbows one more time. I tend not to moisturize the day of as I find that an oily moisturizer (such as Lush’s Dream Cream) tends to not allow the self-tan to lock into your skin, and will wash off in 1 day! I do end up putting moisturizer on my elbows, feet and hands. Not too much!

Then apply your tanner in circular motions with a tanning mitt – I personally like to start from feet and move upwards. Sleep on it,wake up in the morning and rinse it off and you’ve got a mid summer bronze goin’ on. 

To maintain the tan throughout the week(s), apply a gradual tanner!


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