Nobody hates the outdoors!

What is wrong with my little puppers!?

He absolutely hates going on walks. I should seriously consider bringing my camera and taking a video for you to show you how much he whines and whimpers and BOUNCES and latches onto my leg begging to be picked up. Of course, we live in a  busy part of the city where there’s a lot of noise and traffic. I think he’s pretty much scared of everything and everyone except for me, the BF and the indoors. He fights to have his collar not put on. He whines when we’re in the elevator and latches onto my shoulder when I carry him.

I mean, I’m bringing him outside enough. During lunch time we walk around the block which honestly takes a good 35 minutes because he’s bouncing and I’m tripping over him. Maybe he hates all the rules? “Heel” “ah ah! No barking!”, “Sit” on every corner. Jeesh!! Maybe if I bring some office furniture for him to sit on and I walk him like he’s in a stroller, he’ll be cool.

I need to document this on film. I swear.

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