Move-In Weekend

School starts next week for the two universities around my city. Sure it’s busy last week and this week — but it’s not going to be more busy than this weekend I’d say with parents carting around their “kids” going into their first year of university with utility trailers piled high attached to their trucks and cars.

I don’t mind the hustle and bustle of the newcomers attending university at all. But what really bothers me is that none of them seem to know what a walk-sign is. I often have to drive by both universities to get to CrossFit in the evenings and I usually have an advanced turn arrow that I usually like to go through, without slamming on my brakes while 17 and 18* year olds walk through the no walking symbols. I tooted my horn at them last year, which was kind of embarrassing for me — since they gave me the finger and walked slower.

* side note, why are the late teenagers starting to look younger and younger? This year I swear this one kid was 13 years old, but someone pointed out to me that he was a second year university student. WHOA. Unreal, right?

To everyone heading out this weekend: be cautious and aware of your surroundings, whether you be driving or walking around the city streets. Nobody wants to get in an accident right before school!

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  1. The sad thing I’ve realized with each year of age is that the kids aren’t doing anything to look younger and younger…it’s just…I get older and older. Swear to you, I’ve had the thought while out and about “Why does this 12 year old have a set of car keys?!” Then I realize, oh, she’s 17…no big deal…except she looks like she still plays with Barbie dolls. Getting older sucks. (I live in a college town too)

    Nancy says: LOL this made me laugh. But also makes me cry a little inside :(

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