Work uniforms, yay or nay?

It’s that time of year again when the teachers go back to work from their luxurious whole summer of, and the rest of us go back to work from a mini-vacation.

Back in 2004-ish when I worked at the Hospital, I was just a “call in”, so I could basically take vacations whenever I wanted. I kind of miss that. Tons of people are probably purchasing new uniform or two to wear and update their look come autumn/winter. Especially when everyone is going back to school and getting new school clothes. Nurses, Nursing Assistants, Ward Clerks and Housekeepers basically wear all of the same type of uniform as it is, and it’s pretty difficult to get something different than your co-worker.

If you’re female and reading my website right now, and are interested in getting scrub uniforms why not just check out this website: I’ve had a look around on their site before since I’ve wrote blog entries about them in the past. They have up-to-date looks on their uniforms, and some really great patterns, and shapes for the uniforms themselves.

I have to say, wearing a uniform to work has its perks and obvious disadvantages. Perks being that you wake up in the morning and not having to think about what you want to wear in the morning, and not caring about what gets spilled on you, because you can clean it once you get home and it’s not like you’re going to wear your uniform out to dinner or anything, that’s just nasty. But the disadvantages are that many of them are ill fitting and you can’t see what people’s dressing-personality or style is like. Do you kind of know what I mean? Sure there are jeans day and you can pay five bucks which goes to Charity and everything, but that was a rarity around my area, especially in housekeeping where you really don’t want to wear your own clothes.

Would you rather your work place have a uniform set for you to wear? Or do you like wearing your own clothes?

I think most places do have some sort of attire they’d ideally like you to wear. The spot where I work is more business casual. I rarely meet with people face-to-face and while I do like dressing up, it’s not necessary. I can wear almost anything I want besides blue jeans (dark blue jeans are okay, as are black! Yay!)

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  1. That’s a tough one…it would be a lot cheaper to have uniforms but what if they are ugly? And it is hard to find one uniform that is flattering on everyone.

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