BC Recap 1

I didn’t take any photos at all during the Ironman Canada triathlon because one I want to cheer on my boyfriend as loud and as excitedly as possible, and two the professionals take way better photos than I do anyway. No sense! So I don’t have those to show you. But what I will show are some one’s after the race.

We ended up checking out the infamous climbing area, better known as Skaha Bluffs. Such great rock. I didn’t bring my gear with me, but just imagine myself climbing on these rocks. Or bouldering, with hiking sneakers. You know, awkwardly. See below!I was much more inclined to check out this area which is basically in Penticton itself. Moreso than the previous two years we went to IMC, because in mid-August a climbing gym opened up in my area and I can now CLIMB AGAIN! Do you know how much happier I’m going to be, now that I can climb again!??

We stopped by a fruit market along the highway. Look at those mountains — how fake they look. Right? Incredible. Right out of a western movie, baha!I’m the hugest fan of British Columbia peaches after I had one the very first year and it was so juicy. These weren’t too bad either.We also had one day to hike a mini-mountain. This is the “summit” which wasn’t all that high, but it was high enough for me, and a long enough walk for me. I was pooped.

Entertaining myself while the Boyf sets up his fancy camera and takes better photos than I do. ;) Good thing I’m not into the internet mumbo jumbo free online dating, he was taking a while! I was playing on my BlackBerry for a bit. Tweet Tweet.

Anyway that’s all I’ve got for now! It takes an awfully long time to load photos onto an iPad. I’ll be back tomorrow with more!

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