Pregnancy thoughts: first trimester (+OOTD)

The first trimester has come and gone, and that scary stage waiting until you hit that “safe mark” of 13-14 weeks is over. Unlike most, my first trimester was so uneventful. I had no symptoms at all. So, this post will be a short one, ha!

I kept everything on the down-low for so long, primarily because I wanted to make sure everything was honky-dory and moving along smoothly. That, and the fact it was still so surreal to me. Only last week I did my pregnancy announcement where I drove to Santa Cruz and had my friend take some announcement photos for me.

While most people think having zero pregnancy symptoms are a blessing, I thought quite the opposite! Until I returned home from our trip to Canada (where I was then ~8 weeks pregnant) I didn’t feel any different than my regular self. Zero aversions to anything, zero morning sickness. Zero symptoms. I wanted to feel… something. Although I’m generally a 100%  optimistic person who rarely feels stressed (lol), I was pessimistic each time I went for an ultrasound, and was happily surprised each time they said “and there’s the heartbeat”. The first time I heard it was the first and only time I got emotional about it, and teared up. I was all “Whoa that is not my heartbeat racing, is it?!”. It was pretty cool.

Week 9-10| This is when I started feeling fatigued. It was extreme to the point I was falling asleep sitting up talking to my husband. I napped up to 4 hours a day, and sleeping right through the night. I kept referring back to the 3 pregnancy apps on my phone when my husband told me that fatigue wasn’t normal. Sidenote: It’s real, and totally normal.

Week 11-12| Then around week 11, my nose started becoming more sensitive to smells. I could smell a physicians formula bronzer from about 6 feet away at GenBeauty SF, asking the sales associate if there was something coconut scented at the booth. Wild, right?

Week 13| A light switched in my body and I become so alert. The fatigue completely disappeared and I had so much energy I was waking up at 5-6am every day. Even in the middle of the night, completely wide awake at 2am, checking my phone for e-mails and scrolling on Instagram. Pregnancy is so weird.

Other than that, it’s honestly been pretty uneventful with the symptoms. I kept telling the Doctor that I was worried I had none. Everyone told me how lucky I was, but I hated hearing that — because no. No symptoms to me, meant no baby. At least with a symptom I could pair it up with the baby still being in there. Right? And oh my gosh avoid those pregnancy threads on your phone apps. Bad idea! So many horror stories.

Like I mentioned above, I haven’t had any aversions to food, nor any cravings. I did notice my nails feeling healthier and not chipping as easily. And what’s with the hair-thickness feeling? I don’t get why my hair feels thick. It’s obviously not thicker, but why does it feel thicker?

As for bump photos — I didn’t take any at all in the first trimester. As much as I was thrilled, I didn’t want to do anything to jinx it! So instead, here are some from this Monday (lol).

Pink Blush Grey Heathered Dolman Stitch Maternity Sweater ($36)
H&M Super Skinny Maternity Jeans ($34)
Fossil Campbell Crossbody ($138)
H&M faux-suede slip-on sneakers ($15)


Livin’ that decaf latte life. Ha!!

Disclaimer: Huge thanks to my pal Megan for hooking me up with PinkBlush to be an ambassador with them too! As a PinkBlush Ambassador I get 2 points for 2 pieces of clothing to review. Each time I post = 1 point. I did not receive monetary compensation for posting about the brand. 

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