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Burberry Makeup of the dayNo filter, no editing done to the photo above. It was taken with my new Google Pixel phone which seems to make things a little more saturated and sharpened (something that bugs me a bit since I’d rather do that on my own if I wanted it to look a certain way). But that’s another story for another day. I wanted to share this photo of me above that I took on Friday of last week in my parked car — one, because my hair never looks that good. And secondly, I was sportin’ the Burberry Cashmere Foundation that I’ve been using more regularly now that the cooler weather has arrived.

I shied away from the Burberry Cashmere Soft Matte Foundation for a while when I got it — simply for the fact that it had matte in the name. But it doesn’t look too matte does it? It looks really natural and skin-like, it seems. Plus it gives a medium to high coverage to the face, which I’m diggin’. Overall it lasts a bit longer than the Burberry Fresh Glow foundation that I reviewed here.

When I went to get my skin analysis done at Kiehl’s, I heard the same results as I did back in 2012: I have dehydrated yet oily skin. All this time I thought it was bogus I had oily skin, but it’s not overly oily if you get my drift. It doesn’t require blotting so to speak — either that or I like that ‘natural dew’ I seem to have. My t-zone for the most part is the only oily bit on my face, which hey I’m okay with. When I heard the results it was when I was wearing makeup (both in 2012, and last week). So I’m wondering if my philosophy hope in a jar moisturizer has anything to do with it? Does that not sink into the skin as much, leaving an oilier residue on the face making me look dewy? Or do I have oily skin regardless of me wearing makeup? Thinking out loud here I guess.

Burberry-cashmere-foundatioHere’s what makeup I’ve been wearing (not too much difference in my everyday makeup besides swapping out a few pieces like the foundation, mascara and blush!). When it works – ya don’t change it. At least, for me. Even though makeup is super fun to play around with.


Burberry Cashmere Soft Matte Foundation in the shade Honey
Chanel Les Beige in No. 50 (as bronzer)
Cle de peau concealer in Beige


Burberry Cat Lashes mascara in Jet black
Dior All-In-Brow 3D in Blonde (yes! blonde!)


Burberry Kisses Gloss in Nude Beige (my favourite of the 4 I have!)


Disclaimer: I know people aren’t huge fans of them… but I wanted to tell you! The links above are affiliate links. It’s my second time trying out affiliate links and I earn $0.05 a click, so friends definitely don’t be afraid to click on them. I made a whopping $0.35 on a post I did last month. 

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