Bobbi Brown Tube Tint + Video

headerIt’s my first time working with Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, and by now, if you’ve been reading my blog even a week you’ll know how much I enjoy Bobbi Brown products — mainly her skincare line, especially that wonderful Extra Eye Repair cream of hers. Hoooooo-wee. If I had shares in that, I’d be worth somethin’.

Needless to say, I’m pretty stoked I get to work with them. Let’s hope I can continue a working relationship. Because not only is the skincare line A+, the makeup is pretty wicked too. I’ve been posting sneak peeks on instagram for a few weeks, but only now posting about it here on the blog. Let’s get to the products that I’ve been using

Bobbi Brown Tube Tints are a moisturizing lipgloss that hydrates the lips. It’s not sticky, or tacky or sticks to your hair, and all the colours below are so easy to apply without a mirror. Can you guess which shade is my favourite? Also, make sure to scroll to the bottom of this post to see the colours on my lips in a YouTube video!

Bobbi-Brown-TellurideBobbi Brown Tube Tint in Telluride


Ready to read more and see my favourite one out of the set?

Bobbi-Brown-Twilight-ShimmeBobbi Brown Tube Tint in Twilight Shimmer

Bobbi-Brown-NakedBobbi Brown Tube Tint in Naked. This one is my FAVOURITE!

Bobbi-Brown-Bare-ShimmerBobbi Brown Tube Tint in Bare Shimmer

BobbiBrown-swatchesBobbi Brown Tube Tints swatched on my arm in order of left to right: Telluride, Bare Shimmer, Twilight Shimmer, and Naked.

See them on my lips in a quick lip-swatch video:


Buy the limited edition Tube Tints online at Bobbi Brown for $23 USD.

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