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ootwFirst of all: Lol at Thursday’s windswept hair. The air conditioner was blowing in my face and I was too lazy to run upstairs to turn it off to take a few snaps of myself. Get whatcha get I say! Ha.

Still haven’t had to wear socks yet here in California. Not complaining at all, because shortly I’m sure I’ll be huddled in a blanket shivering. When the temp drops in the slightest, I get the chills and my hands are like glacier cubes. Not ice cubes. Glacier. Layers of cold, you know? :)

Which outfit is your favourite? I’m pretty partial to Friday. I love that entire outfit together, I’ve worn it many times. Trying not to wear it daily. Then again, who would know I’d wear it daily, if it weren’t for these outfits of the week? I mean, really. I also love my blue Zara pants for Wednesday. They’re so stretchy and comfortable, and that pop of blue is a little odd, but blends in a little bit too. Ie: Not too crazy. They have more colours again this year. I happened to grab one of the last pairs when they had a major sale this time last year.

I think for Tuesday’s outfit, it would totally be something Megan would wear. I like to call it a Megan-Inspired outfit!

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  1. The Tuesday outfit is TOTALLY a “me” outfit. In fact I’m pretty sure I have that exact same shirt :) I love these outfit of the week posts. Mostly because it gives me inspiration for my outfits! xo

    1. @Annie: HAHAHA…. wait wait… HAHA OMG ANNIE. You know those big ol’ air conditioner boxes outside homes? It’s like the size of a fridge box almost. But half the size. This comment isn’t making any sense. But it blows out gusts of wind at me, when I’m trying to do my OOTD pictures. Rude, hey? :)
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