Explore California: Fremont Older Open Space Preserve


Prepare yourself folks, this twelfth edition of  POM Friday is going to be photo heavy today.

I’ve been meaning to check out Fremont Older Open Space Preserve for a while, and finally I decided to drive there with Alfie earlier this week. If I was more technical savvy, I’d insert the Instagram video I took of Alfie on the hike, with some beauty views. But you can see that on my instagram feed :)

We only went for a quick jaunt which was a 3km round trip, but I’d love to come back on a weekend with my husband and Alfie again as there were many trails to explore. I just didn’t want to get lost. Trust me, it happens.

Side note if you do take your dogs, note that they do not have garbage cans on site. Of course Alfie decided to take the biggest stinker of his life moments before we got on the trail and stupid me bagged it up AND PUT IT IN MY CAR. You know darn well on the drive home all windows and sunroof was cranked open. Next time it’s sitting beside my car until we were ready to leave.

I brought my bright green nerd pack and tossed in a granola bar, water, and dog bags — then Alfie and I were on our way up the (somewhat) steep trail until we got to Hunters Point. It wasn’t too far from the public parking, and you can choose various lengths of trails, as there were a lot of forks-in-the-road. I love how diverse these trails were, Alfie had a field day barking and saying hello to all the mountain bikers, we walked past a couple of other dogs and their owners and some seasoned hikers with their hiking poles. I’m fairly certain this was a horse riding trail too, so many hoof marks and droppings. Ha!

Now I’ll let the photos do the rest of the talking. Enjoy your weekend!




















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  1. This is a park that I have wanted to visit for a million years – I even used to live in Fremont and didn’t get to it! I am going to make it my mission to drag my hubby there!

  2. Alfie is so adorable, what a gorgeous little pom you have. That landscape looks amazing in your pictures. What a fabulous place to go for a hike, there’s nothing better than being in the great outdoors with those you love, especially when they’re as beautiful as that place is!

  3. The place is so nice. Oh I can just imagine your car!! LOL. I’d love to try hiking but maybe when the kids are older and less of a headache, I’d brave the mountains and climb them all up. Right now, I’m content with seeing all pictures from lifestyle and travel bloggers like you.
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  4. What a beautiful place to hike and looks like you had amazing weather!!! I love hiking trails like this it’s always so peaceful and quite. I can’t even imagine the pain your nose was in on the way home that tis awful!

  5. I love Pom Friday and I love Alfie! Your stinker story was so funny. It reminded me of a time when my girlfriend and I went fishing and didn’t get back until 3 am. We were too tired to unload the car, but forgot we had a bucket of bait (shrimp) in there. Phew!

  6. O.m.g you have a pom!!!!!! I had a doggy for years and years. Traveled everywhere with my dog and she was a pom named Flufficans :) POM’s are the best dogs ever!!! I miss my doggy after looking at your photos! Looks like you two had a pretty fabulous hike :)

  7. Those photos are so nice! I would love to enjoy the fresh air on a beautiful day like this. Bonus points for bringing your dog. I had a pom growing up, and he was the sweetest thing! I now have a Chow which is much larger but still oh so fluffy! Love that green backpack, very vibrant!
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  8. Wow what beautiful photos! you and your pom are just so precious! You guys are such fun travel buddies! I would love to experience that fresh Californian air. I’m from NYC and there really aren’t many places like that with wide open space and fresh air, especially in the Winter! Thanks for sharing.

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